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The Boneyard - N4A Chat Thread, October 2018

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45 minutes ago, EH_STEVE said:

I find Thriller overrated both as a song and music video.

Everyone has different music tastes. So it's not a big deal. *shrug*


I find a lot of music out these days to be overrated. Not original or even creative.


I find Queen's 'We Will Rock You' to be overrated as a song since it's overplayed.

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Oh hey, some good news. I'm buying day 1. Even though I own them on PS3. 


And if y'all like Persona, the first game might be worth checking out. They're much more streamlined (i.e. more RPG than school simulator), but they're damn fun games. Playing Trails in the Sky FC and SC first is recommended, but not required. 


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Oh, Child of Light Ultimate Edition is coming to Switch this month...? Pthat’s pretty cool


$20 isn’t too bad either...


that’s a quite a nice addition to the Switch library, too actually... 


one less game to worry about buying on Steam, too which is nice

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So looks like if I do go the download route for the 3 Pokémon 3DS games, I’d need about 67,698 blocks of space on a SD card (including patch downloads) (Alpha Sapphire,Moon,Ultra Moon specifically...)


Even on top of Tomodachi Life and New Leaf, no idea if a 32 GB would be enough for those or not...


not really sure how much space that would take up on a 32 GB in total offhand...


Granted i don’t currently have a 32 GB SD card yet, but still...



In other news, I completely forgot Scorpions were in New Leaf until a couple days ago... we, well, the season, to reiterate 


Those are complete twats - the few I came across (well,3-4, but still...) despawned before I could get my net out,  aside  that one time I got stung on an attempt...


Well, unfortunately it looks like I’ll be waiting until next season for it, which will be quite awhile...


Well, at least Jacks going to be back in town for Halloween, with the Spooky furniture set, so that’s something to work on, at least....

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6 hours ago, Arvis said:

if I have my door closed and the cat wants in, he'll headbump the door repeatedly (and gently), almost as if he's using his head to knock on the door. It's honestly kinda sweet :3

Ours does that to my wife's forehead to wake her up. Unless she's snoring, then she gets a paw-push to the mouth.

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Cosplay update



Mask (eyes)


After hack-sawing off the edge of a plastic Christmas ornament and spray painting it yellow, I gutted another dollar store flashlight and set out to rig up some eyes






Well, I gotta keep this thing on my face, so I made me some straps and little cushion for comfort



Also drilled out some eye holes for my eyes, and painted the whole inside black




Now let's try this bad boy on



(I drilled the eye holes after this picture)




Here's where the mask is at right now:




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To update, on top of New Leaf and Tomodachi Life, in total it would take up 76,844 blocks on a SD card for all those digital games


I have no idea if all of that would fit on a 32GB... could go for something way bigger, but id need to format the card to FAT32 using guiformat, or so I’ve heard on Reddit 


Sounds like the 3DS accepts any size as long it's formatted to FAT32, it seems

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