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Dragalia Lost

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Pele and second Defender fully unbound.


2/3 objectives on expert boss and raid, and no ??? title. Not bad considering the state of my teams and time I had for this.

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I would imagine there was no way in hell you'd get that title just by playing with random people in co-op.

I had a 10k team, I'd be in a room with 11 and 12s, with well over a 40k total, and it still took over 2 minutes. To beat this dude in under a minute you probably had to have four fully optimized teams of people who knew exactly what they were doing, and a ton of luck, since every time he decides to roll across the stage it can cost you several seconds, and you'd probably even need something like a discord chat open, so everybody knows where to focus their attacks and when to break his limbs to interrupt his more disruptive actions.

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I'm quite pleased to be on vacation for this. Though in my adventures of rolling for Halloween units, I've only got Edward and Silke. Right now, my team is at a high enough level and might (currently about 7300) to tackle Squash the Pumpking on Expert, and maining Malora if in co-op for that. Though not enough to fully complete Halloween Horrors and Revenge of the Pumpking...but maybe I can if my damn AI teammates would stop gawking at the expanding glowing red circle beneath them!


Right now, I'm cutting it extremely close with the Lv. 30 Sweet Retreat quest. If everything goes right, I'll hit 1am and 1pm the following day. Then 1am again, spend the 60 gems for the quick finish, then snag the 100 gems reward.

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