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Nintendo Switch Online Thread


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52 minutes ago, purple_beard said:

(6) 3 New SNES Games & A New NES Game Coming to Switch Online! February 2021 Trailer - YouTube


Fire N Ice....   I remember that one.... might try it.


Others....never heard of.

Really need to look at posts before your post that someone post the exact same thing, bro.


I have heard of Prehistorik Man and Fire 'N' Ice, rest nope.

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1 hour ago, alienboyva said:

I literally have never heard of these games. Yeah, don't give us games that people have constantly been asking for like EarthBound, EarthBound Beginnings, or Super Mario RPG.


Thanks, NIntendo!


What's wrong with trying games you haven't played or heard of? Being insular isn't cool. :P


Ya know, the few remaining Nintendo RPGs aside, I would love to have more of the 2 player beat em ups added, whether on NES or SNES. TMNT anyone? Don't see it happening though, so would be best overall to just move on to dropping N64 stuff sometime next. If NSO N64 coincides with the online overhaul/server replacing Nintendo's gonna have soon, even better.


I don't know, but now that we got the whole DKC trilogy, not expecting much left for Switch SNES, especially if some of the cool 3rd party games aren't a factor or they no longer have the rights for distributing.

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1 hour ago, alienboyva said:

I literally have never heard of these games. Yeah, don't give us games that people have constantly been asking for like EarthBound, EarthBound Beginnings, or Super Mario RPG.

Maybe next time.


That's not just me hoping for the best. The press release announcing the latest batch of games includes this line: 


With these new additions, a Nintendo Switch Online membership will grant instant access to 99 classic games, with libraries that run the gamut of cult action hits, touchstone fan favorites and U.S. debuts of notable games from the classic era of gaming.


The next one is #100. Nintendo might have something big planned for triple digits. Maybe it's one of the games you mentioned, maybe it's something N64 related. Maybe it's nothing at all, but adding four games to bring the total to 99 feels deliberate. 

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Oh, those were the same ones already announced earlier, just added now. The Direct and other things must’ve made me forget that they would be added today. This just makes the timing all the more interesting for what could be added next, I suppose.

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I mentioned in the 2.17 ND thread that release of these game today coincides with the ND today, it will definitely be mentioned and probably the most boring part of the ND. I highly doubt we are gonna get announcement of what system is coming next to NSO, when these game come out today, too coincidental to be true.


But with no expectation, I will be glad to be wrong, tho.

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New game trial from 6/29 - 7/5... 🎧 💿🎛️💿 ♫♪♩

I might check this out. It's pretty neat for what it is and you can make some cool stuff. Though, I don't really care for the art style (the characters look like Simis >_<) and I don't like having to buy songs (mainly, most of the ones I want aren't in the base game :v ), but that's expected for games like this.



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When I first saw the obscure shit they put on NES/SNES online in earlier updates my first thought was "Oh it’s cool of them to highlight some underrated titles”, but it seems to be more about them just grabbing things they can easily license than it is them trying to put more decent games on the service.


And I don't even care about Earthbound or Super Mario RPG. Just it would be nice if some more recognizable 3rd parties were added to the service, but I get why some are not.

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Considering a) the systems, b) the games, and c) the depth the Wii VC smoked anything Nintendo has done since and that includes the almost there WiiU VC even if they added some DS and GBA stuff to the mix.  Also, that has the ability to gift games on the Wii.


This subscription service isn't bad for the price but their games they are dropping are not strong selling points for the service and I don't think cloud saves and other minimalistic hook ups are blowing up the sales for the service.


They desperately need to re-think their pricing and their game seletions because it comes off as 1/4 ass, so not even half assed on the games side.

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Playing Devil's Advocate here: We can't say for sure why Nintendo is putting out titles almost nobody heard of in either region for NSO but my theory in just thinking about it has nothing to do with what they did in the past or that we're paying for online, it simply comes down that Nintendo being Nintendo for this reason wants to bring attention to titles that never did before in VC past or when they released back in the day on the original systems.


To me, I can't see why this parade of titles some never of heard of continues, regardless if they care or not and are charging money for this. That's my take on these NSO offerings.

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