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Do you think Bowser should get his own princess?

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Posted (edited)

like title says do you think there should be a bowser princess? like a princess thats the same creature as bowser


something like the image below maybe?


let me know what you guys think :)


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That's some food for thought.  I think most have it so ingrained that he'll just keep kidnapping Peach that I don't think it ever really crossed anyone's mind to think about him just having his own princess.  I mean, if Wendy O' Koopa can be a thing then obviously there should be other female Koopas out there, too...right?  But whatever, sure I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea.  That render is pretty cool looking too, by the way!

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, DLurkster said:

no comment

Isn't a comment stating "no comment" technically still a comment?  The epistemology of your comment, where you commented that you did not comment, is actually a monstration of an existential crisis; the comment you expressed, namely that it does not exist and technically as a comment qua comment it does not, must exist in order to express its non-existence.  Thus, the comment "no comment" must still be a comment, just as anything stated in the negative must at least be somewhat that to which it refers, essentially speaking.  For instance, I can say "I am not a king," but there is still some king-ness  in the phrase because the speaker's intention and the sentence itself signifies the essence of king without stating it as being a king itself.  Thus, I would be a king in so far as I can contemplate what a king is, without actually actualizing myself as king.  In the same manner, for one to write "this sentence does not contain words," is impossible, because words rely on the medium of communicative symbols (viz. words) in order to express that the words being written are not actually words.  These semantic rules are logically independent: one could say "words not was sentence this contain does" and meaning is still expressed, or even the nonsensical "erogin eboek nbos rtibnsetb." Thus, the meaning you intended to express through two written significates, or your lack of intended meaning thereof, still means, and ontologically it cannot not exist because it must exist to communicate its own non-existence--your non-commented comment continually and paradoxically deconstructs itself into infinite loops of existential epistemological crises.




..And yeah, the OP's furry-esque CG art was a bit unnecessary.  awesome;

Edited by The Ultimate Mario Fan

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.....therefore, I'm a oxymoron.


If this wasn't Mario related topic, you probably would probe my intent like that.


Thanks Sherlock Mario.


With that said, even now saying this. I really have nothing say about the topic and I should not of posted. How's that for no comment? Should of left well enough alone when I first thought not comment, damn my opinion not opinion reflected back at me like that.

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, The Ultimate Mario Fan said:

Those Koopalings aren't going to make themselves, ya know.

Of course not. They were delievered by storks. theydonothing;


Which is where babies come from in the Mario universe.


Edited by Marxforever

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