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Isle of Café Seiren - N4A Chat Thread, July 2018


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4 hours ago, KefkaFFVI said:

serious question.


on a scale of 1-10, how likely it is that hashtag effie will release for nintendo switch?


I’d say probably around 7.5 or so.


On one hand, it sold like shit on the Wii U due to a variety of factors (for example, being on the Wii U).


But on the other hand, it got great reviews in both Japan and the US, and the characters continue to show up in FE Cipher.


I really love the game and want it to do well, so I hope it gets a second chance on the Switch (hopefully with the vagina bones intact this time).

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Lots of things working in favor of Tokyo Mirage Sessions Switch in my opinion.


- Can be easily adapted into a single screen experience (despite the original game requiring the TV + Wii U GamePad at all times)

- Highly requested title from fans

- Can be capitalized with other existing Fire Emblem products  (i.e. FE Heroes and FE Cipher)

- It's a very good game that would further bolster the Nintendo Switch library of other great titles to sell the system on


Honestly can't think of any good reason why it wouldn't happen, there shouldn't be anything preventing it from happening. Since Nintendo and Intelligent Systems still have a good relationship with Atlus going by FE Cipher, I'm personally inclined to believe it's more of a matter of when, not if. And Nintendo's Reggie has already said they have more Wii U ports in the works going into the next year, Tokyo Mirage Sessions could be one of them.

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I wouldn't mind a port of that game - never got around to buying it,even though i was interested in it


I wouldn't mind more Ports of Wii U games, as long as they're actually good games - although im not sure how many games are left that haven't been ported yet



Although im still interested in getting Minecraft on Switch, though i wonder if there's a chance it'll go on sale at some point?


though im not sure if spending $30-ish is too huge of a deal, would save a bit of money at least.... though im not sure how likely that would be





Also although i have a decent laptop i should look into getting a PC desktop again... some games have difficulty running on my current laptop...


Think id rather buy one than mess around with building my own - that would be a bit more complicated and confusing to me


But the CyberPowerP Desktop looks pretty appealing so far - will have to research a bit more first


I don't have the funds for such at the moment, so it'll be quite awhile before then, so...

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A piece from the back of my Old 3DS fell off last night... need some help in terms of what to use to glue it back on.


Here are a couple of pics of the piece and then temporarily reattached it using some tape (used Scotch gift tape (in the purple and black package) since it's very sticky) to my 3ds.












It's under the Left Button. I think it's meant as a filler between that and the cover itself.


I was thinking of using super glue to have it re adhere to the system itself, but I'm not sure of what brands are the safest to use.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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From what I’ve been looking at, the CyberPowerPC is looking more appealing to me

Though I may wait until Best Buy’s Black Friday deals to see if there’s any major discounts first


If I would be able to get it half of $800 or under, that would be pretty perfect - would save a decent amount in the end, anyway


....but that’s still ways away, unfortunately - would need a lot more cash on hand first either way...

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