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Dancing Mog

Another great Metroidvania, Ghost 1.0, launching on Switch July 12th

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I've had this game on PC since its launch nearly two years ago and followed some of the dev talk on getting it released on the Switch(found it by browsing the upcoming release section), so happy this is finally happening though I want to pre-purchase the game since $10 is a great price for this gem. I can finally use this pic for a purpose


Ghost 1.0 Shut Up and take my Cubes.jpg

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The trailer is pretty funny but it does look really good.  The starting area where Ghost's body is being printed looks really close to the lab shown in Super Metroid's title sequence.  Dunno if it was on purpose or not but it works out as a great homage.  The robot possession mechanic gave me huge Geist vibes too which was cool too see.  I'm gonna have to keep my eye on this one.

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Ghost 1.0 is also going to be releasing on X1 as it showed up in the coming soon section of the store though it will be released on the 11th, one day earlier than Switch. Possible it will get the greenlight for PS4 but don't know right now.

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