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Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread:

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I hope one of the trailers for the next rounds of DLC involves a character going after Joker for stealing their invite in the first place. 


That remains an unresolved question: who did Joker steal that invitation from? The obvious answer is Batman. They have six chances to tell us, I hope they do. 

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@Ridley Primeexactly. I was hoping for a female rep to finally be added and at least I did somewhat get my wish granted so hopefully she too gets an amiibo. (Poor Robin). I have brought about the idea of a female rep to finally be added to others before but I even had an asswipe call me part of a the Me Too movement. I was floored when they said that but luckily didn't reply back to that and let it go but it still bothered me even now three days after the Smash Direct.

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Of course, I absolutely get where they are coming from. There are no stand-alone female characters in the Smash DLC. Frankly, it was a bit surprising given the sheer number of awesome characters they could have included. 


I merely point out Kazooie because she's an old favorite of mine. Kazooie was just brimming with personality in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, and it was an absolute pleasure to see both of them make the cut for Ultimate. 

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Unrelated to the character drama, but I have a question:


Are the DLC Spirits like the Resident Evil ones exclusive to the timed events? Or can I still encounter them randomly on the Spirit Board?


I.e. if I haven't touched the game since before Hero, have I permanently lost my chance to get those Spirits?

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