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Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Discussion Thread: #6 is up in ARMS

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My first  3 hours with Byleth impressions:



I'm feeling Red > Blue > Green > Yellow ...then green hair versions.

*I do like the yellow, but it blends in so easy with earth tone stages that it kind of disappears in a busy fight.



I like the lance's range, just need to get more accustomed to its real distance on screen.


I like the charged axe drop, and I think its fair that it hits so hard but it leaves you stuck for a split second before standing up again.  But, you can act fast enough to change direction.


I like using the spinning staff for a protective barrier


The up-whip is pretty cool.  Reminds me of ZSS and Palutena to some degree.


I like the flame whip recovery and pull-to move.  I think there is some way to make the bounce off of the pull-to move work to a persons favor with a follow up move.


I find the arrow and charged arrow moves to be pretty good.  I find closer to using Pit/DP than the Links though.  I think that charged one is used best when there is less stage to your opposite facing side in case you screw up.  Also, I'd argue medium to long distance needed in case you mess up you got enough time to recover er yourself to face your incoming opponent.




I really like the scenery in it and the different aspects to its changes.  I've noticed that you can get to the chandeliers if you do the pull-to then bounce off move right. 

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19 hours ago, Laclipsey said:

And if they wouldn't include Mai in the background of Terry's stage, I don't see how they can justify a playable Morrigan. Remember, Smash is for good bois and grills. 

Going beyond Morrigan: the whole nature of the good boys and girls comment, coupled with that 2012 Famitsu interview about the need to revise the Palutena and Wonder Pink’s models in the Wii U game, makes me wonder if someone like Chun-Li could fly as a playable character in Smash. 


We know it's the reason for Mai's exclusion, but I do wonder if it's kept anyone else out. 

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I think it's obvious with arrival of Byleth and two moves it use to break shields instantly to most characters having their shield size increased has result in some or all of the character shields break with Yoshi down b at a particular area.


We need to know if it is just Yoshi or similar characters who have this move, even with just Yoshi this is a big problem.

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So, let me get this straight. Byleth's weakness is when his attacks whiff. But he has the best range in the game and multiple moves which break shields in one hit. And he has Villager's slingshot, except the pellets are smash attacks. And Fox's laser, except that's also a smash attack. And Corrin's forward smash, except bigger, stronger, and able to hit under the ledge. Oh, and a giant meteor smash with enough horizontal range to be spammed above the ledge. Along with a lethal jab infinite, and a tether recovery that connects from offscreen.


Why is literally every DLC character designed by the first kid Sakurai can pull off a playground?

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As far as what other ground-pounds can instantly break shields like that, I guess Bowser's obviously, but he's a heavy who you have more time to react to, so you should get shield broken if you allowed it to be hit by that.


I don't know who else's can, but Yoshi's was eye opening. Maybe it's a sign the game is telling us to not sleep on doing parries. Hopefully it gets fixed either way.


And sorry... but kinda laughed at this.



Byleth just seems average as far as the meta, but I'll take another fair and balanced DLC character over the top tiers that was SSB4's DLC which people often retorted as pay to win and stuff.

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Finally got a chance to play as Byleth and I think he’s my favorite FE character in Smash based on how he plays. That lance and especially that flaming chain whip thing is super nasty! I’m kinda of wondering if he’s a bit OP with some of his moves. :D


Also, I had some My Nintendo Gold points expiring and got the Cuphead Mii outfit for FREE...




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I meant to post this a while back but kept forgetting to post here.


Here's the breakdown of the complete roster banner and the DLC fighters including Byleth.



I don't know why they stop showing this now and to think we still have 6 more to be added. Also, where are ppl getting this footage from?

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6 minutes ago, Destiny Hero said:

My gay eyes have been staring at this Zelda thing for a solid two minutes and I cannot for my life find whatever we're talking about.

Look at the video directly above your post.


Zelda was able to hit Ridley from behind her with her forward smash because they increased the size of the hitbox to include her ass.

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