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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion Thread: Sora *ITS ALIVE*

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Except 0.2 and 3, I'm pretty sure SE using cloud versions for KH on Switch is a pure business decision, rather than technical barrier, for putting KH on Cloud, but it's disappointing all the same.


I'm actually itching to replay the series (except CoM,  just don't care for the remake) and had it been a native release, I'd honestly get them in Switch. Oh well, PS4 go brrr soon.

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The amiibo release timeframe when the fighter pass 2 DLC will come out.


Min Min, Steve, and Alex Spring 2022.


Sephiroth Fall 2022.


Pyra & Mythra Spring 2023 (I'm going late spring with this maybe as far as E3, that time is still technically spring)


And finally rounding out the pass at the end of 2023 is Kazuya and Sora.


In the last presents we didn't get the confirmation a Sora amiibo is being made, I think we will get that confirmation next fall the earliest or E3 2023 the latest. I'll bet the former, only because 3rd party amiibo when announced then released take a year to happen. If it is Nintendo IP amiibo sure June to holiday is possible.


Also, the dates line up with pretty much how the last pass amiibo reveal and released. We just got the last DLC of fighters of the first pass, this pass March. It will be a while till we see or get any of the 2nd pass fighters.


The Wooden Plank Studios is still in the reviving roster arc from Sephiroth, when Kazuya was invited. And now we caught up with Sora.


Hmm, I wonder where this will go next.

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Quick Hits:


LOVE his black and white, blue and black, and silver/white colors


LOVE the three-stage dash attack, and I can see how the three different kinds of magic can be real nasty in combat, and I do like some of his sword swings...


Digging the stage but I think the final stage of it is the cooler vibe of the two stages it has.








The return of Zubaz pants!





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Took 25 tries, lol but I finally got 300hp stamina win as Sora. (Well technically it was at 11 tries but it wasn't until 25 it finally showed and played Sora victory at theme at the end)


Hmm, unless I upload the video I have to YT, the video as is won't upload here. I get error 202. I wonder have I gone over the size limit over all save here not this vid itself? It is only 388MB.


I would just upload it YT but if I am gonna do that, I can't in good mind do it without editing. That's the part I like the least making vids so. It will stay in obscurity.

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Here we go...Sora is like Banjo-Kazooie where to me a fan fave character finally comes to Smash and I just don't like they way they play. I respect the source material and what mechanics but they don't mesh with what I like in character in fighting games. Smash have so many types of fighters for me to say that I don't like few is saying a lot when there's over 80 characters.


I don't know now that enough time has pass that I tolerate how Banjo plays to a degree but I honestly can't see that with Sora. He's the lightest character for a reason, he's the most floatiest character in the game. And I should of knew that kind of air time make one slow in general not by move cooldown and such. I can deal with a little slow characters but Sora just has too much hang time for me to appreciate his kit, as I said at the start of this post. But I can't help my preference in what prefer in fighting character.


I've meet Sora in Smash and I guess he isn't what I imagined. (sort like when you met your idol irl and there not what you thought)


I'll give it more time but Sora isn't it for me. I've played him extensively not to get used to him but really wanted to see what I can get out of him and so far I do see potential for him in how I would like to play him as but just has so many glaring issues to my preference of fighters.

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Mad yes. Even more so than Samus or Ness when he jumps.


Like the only good thing about Sora's jumps is that if you are way below the blast zone you are sure to come back to the edge of the platform or do up b if you that far out of reach. Like I said I can see the good and how the y made him one to one like Sakurai does with every character from their games but just does not mesh with my gamestyle.


Also, if down air with off stage, you can still make it back to the edge of the platform but for sure you have up b with him to make it back.

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Some of the difficulties in getting Sora in Smash and that DLC fighter pass 2 was once just 5 fighter so when it was announced in Terry's presentation we're getting another pass in September 2019, Sora negotiations were finalized more so after Sakurai meeting someone at Disney in late 2018.



This video is kinda facts.



Also, is it me or the announcer echoes Sora name a bit more to the point that he almost is saying it twice?

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