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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion Thread: Chronicling 2 New Fighters

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That is a very slim possibility in that Sakurai as much as his love for certain characters that play sort of similar, he is not two trick pony. He does not repeat necessarily the same cool gesture twice. That and when Sakurai said his development team have to wok hard to get that out on time. To do that everytime a character release is additional work that is not necessary to me.


It made sense because it is FUCKING SEPHIROTH, he's a boss so that's why they did it. What would be the reason for Pyra/Mythra outside that the fans just simply want access now or any going forward character? To me and I agree with Sakurai it loses its original appeal with Sephiroth to do it with it anyone else. 

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I was thinking that as well because they tend to make these presents the day the amiibo come out or a week before so we have a pretty good timetable when they are coming out. For sure they are coming out before Banjo, Terry, and Byleth.


I don't think he will show them again maybe but will mention the release, tho. If anything and it may be slim it might show off the first amiibo for DLC fighter pass 2, Min Min, tho.

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Update imminent!


Usually when we get alerted like this it is like 3 days or less till the update. I do not recall it's been a week or more till the release of the DLC characters. So they might release same day or early next week.


EDIT: Dammit PB, I was hoping I posted this before he did. If I didn't write something in post I would of, oh well. The post wasn't that long ago.

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I like how instantaneous the swap between Pyra and Mythra is in-game.


One of the problems I had with Pokemon Trainer and Zelda/Sheik was that the loading times took too long to make switching a practical strategy (especially in Brawl). But since Pyra/Mythra have basically the same regular moves just with different effects, it looks like all the game has to do is load the character model and their Specials.

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Huh, I didn't notice the lag that much with Sheik and Zelda, PKMN Trainer yes in Brawl. I never thought the swapping of characters back then meant loading movesets, makes sense it would take a while and kind of a marvel they pulled that off.


As for how Pyra Mythra swap so seamless make sense in form and function. Form in how they swap effortlessly in XC 2 and function the moveset are practically the same so of course there will be minimal loading when Swapping. Sakurai staying true to the game origins while balancing it with the game engine as always. Genius level implementation.

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Kinda makes me wish more now that the idea Sakurai originally had of having Diddy and Dixie Kong as a duo had stuck. Diddy would only lose his annoying banana peel move and you'd still have Dixie playable in some form, switching to her with down B.


But with the limitations I get why it didn't happen.

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  • purple_beard changed the title to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion Thread: Chronicling 2 New Fighters

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