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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion Thread: Chronicling 2 New Fighters

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2 hours ago, DLurkster said:

I'm not gonna even guess when they guys will be present by Sakurai. I have not seen any news on that, at least.


But for for I will guess March or April release tho despite that I feel they are practically done with her or they wouldn't shown that elaborate trailer like that. Like for Terry we barely got a two second glimpse before his presentation with Sakurai like 2 months later back in 2019 and this was of course before 2020 pandemic where I understand thing are hampered a bit but this showing shows me she practically ready to me. And sort of makes me think yeah DLC is easier to develop than a game from scratch but team SORA and Sakurai appears to be getting along fine with development in the pandemic is seems. I am making too much of this?!?


Takahashi did say Pyra would be released in March during the Direct. Who knows, she might be released in as little as two weeks.

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7 minutes ago, Eliwood8 said:


Takahashi did say Pyra would be released in March during the Direct. Who knows, she might be released in as little as two weeks.

I think I missed this when I had to go my front door sign for delivery. I can't believe I missed something like that within 20-30 second span.



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13 hours ago, Tyranogre said:

At this point, all of my most-wanted characters are either in, Mii Costume'd, or don't have enough fan-demand to make the cut. I'm mostly content with the roster as it is. My only hope for the last two slots are that they're from a game that I've never played, and that their inclusion inspires me to check out their game of origin.

There are only two characters left!? Oh, man. They better be Professor Layton and WALUIGI.

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Like Krazy mentioned that each of the Pokemon counts as character, they all have amiibo so does that mean we not only get Pyra but a Mythra amiibo too?


This different than having female variants of amiibo unless DLC is the exception despite being numbered we won't have Mythra amiibo. I feel there's a good chance we get a Mythra amiibo.


@alienboyva: I think canonically ZSS have small breasts so just because they covered up Bayonetta, Pyra and Mythra doesn't exactly mean they should shrink their assests. Sakurai if anything always wants to be accurate to the source material despite position on age rating in games. Sakurai may be a 'boss' but he still have to follow guidelines that he seldom have to go along with.

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Samus has had bigger assets in some Metroid game ending appearances and such, but it made sense to shrink them when going back to the more muscular take of her suitless design in Super Metroid.


I get not liking Pyra/Mythra's design (though they have an interesting story & characterization from what I've observed), but throwing an ad hominem at anyone who likes them or the game they're from ain't the way to express it. Not referring to anyone here, but just how people have upsettingly reacted to the duo and their fans in general.

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On 2/18/2021 at 6:28 PM, alienboyva said:

They go and "nerf" Zero Suit Samus in SSBU, but don't nerf Pyra/Mythra? Like, WTF?!! >_>

First, don't you forget about what they did to Snake. 


Second, this might go back to Mythra's Spirit. I would suggest Nintendo could upgrade any Spirit in the game to playable without any changes to the Spirit's appearance, as it has already been rated as appropriate for the game. Mytha's appearance as a playable character reflects her appearance as a Spirit. 


Mythra is notable in this regard. Both Mythra and Camilla had their Spirits changed from their original appearances, and this was a minor point of controversy when the game came out in 2018. Controversy aside, they both made it into the game, so It seems reasonable to believe that if the ESRB was fine with Mythra's appearance in 2018, they'd continue to be fine with it in 2021. 

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Yeah, I've only been FE fans since Awakening so to me I am new and sort of have a unique perspective that I can see the hate when it comes the number of fighters from Fire Emblem but at the same time see their worth as unique as most of the fighters are.


One thing I must comment is that yeah, fates was a tailspin for the series but how it was presented in that video either was not fair or accurate. As he knee and everyone in NA, Fates has not released in the west. I can get hate of another FE character after we got one DLC in Smash 4 then another one. Unless I am missing something was the hate for Corrin shared in Japan before it came to the west? Like I get the hate for Corrin for be another fighter and the series now but back then the hate would of just been another FE character in Smash. I'll admit back then I was on the hate bandwagon but I like Corrin then once I got to play with them and I still do now.


Despite all of that said, he is absolutely right the hate started with Corrin even tho no ha no qualms with Chrom in Ultimate. Funny who and what choose to hate. Timing starting with Corrin and a little with Byleth is something they want to think to do better or don't do at all. But honestly Nintendo doesn't care, they do what they want. Again with me being a recent FE fan I was on the fence with another FE character when Byleth was revealed but I loved three house so I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Out of all the FE characters I like to play the most are Corrin and Byleth. They play different enough for me to like them as fighters and yeah let's forget Corrin has counter but those are the two I like the most in Ultimate.


That's my take on too many FE in Smash.

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Speaking of beating dead horses, it seems every time now that we get a JPRG character and not just from Fire Emblem, I see someone attacking or baiting Western Smash fans or anyone that wanted a Western character for clout. 

We’re aware that not everything is catered to us. Fans of Western characters have to fight and scrape to get anyone in Smash that does not originate in Japan. This is nothing new to us. We can still enjoy Smash while expressing what additions we like or dislike. It's easy for people score internet points complaining about how ungrateful those damn Westerners are when in reality it's done to demonstrate their smugness and callous disregard for what others want because yet another JRPG character happened to get in. 


And before you bring up the anime swordsman label that the Smash community’s given a number of characters, you also have weebs that constantly call Banjo and Western characters “cereal mascots”. It’s bullying/immaturity on both sides.


That observation aside, Pyra and Mythra themselves are cool and had a nice presentation. After the lack of female additions for awhile (barring Min-Min), having two for the price of one was a nice treat, though I see myself using Mythra more, on account of finding both her playstyle and design more appealing. :u

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