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Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

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8 hours ago, Chrom said:

I had actually made a preliminary Smash discussion thread shortly after it was announced a few months ago but people stopped using it not too long after (understandably so since you could only say so much about it after the initial reveal). But I don't mind there being a new one made if that's what people would like. Either way I do think it'd be a good idea to move Smash discussion to a different thread now since the Super Smash Blog on the official site is being updated daily with new content.



Community or a thread?  I don't mind spearheading a new thread or a community for it.







NEW GC adapter @ $20

*Don't need if you have the WiiU one already released.


NEW  GC controller too

*All prior GC controller models work.



Maybe its just me but I liked the GC for Melee and didn't really find the N64 controller intuitive for Smash 64.  For Brawl I was fine with GC but found the CCPro (better with the handle extensions the original CC didn't have) doable.  I was never much for the Wiimote/chuck set up but I didn't find them bad.  I used gamepad, Pro, and GC evenly on Smash 4 and have no real strong preferences.

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the new smash looks cool. I was thinking of passing on it but it had the most important character of them all:




search your souls and accept its fluffiness is reason enough. 

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You know, I just had a thought come to me just not long ago


With the inclusion of Echo Fighters, I wonder if we could eventually get Octoling as an Echo to Inkling?


Aside from appearance, I doubt their movesets would be too drastically different from one another 



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It's kind of funny hearing how this little rivalry started all those years ago and they still keep up with it as time goes on. But yeah Reggie pulled out win for both the land and Waluigi! :P

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