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Anor Londo - N4A Chat Thread, June 2018


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30 minutes ago, Kodiack said:

Excellent title. Superb image choice.


Debating whether I should grab Skyrim VR or Dark Souls Remastered first.

I’ve been playing through the remaster. I’m up to Sen’s Fortress. It’s been fantastic so far. Not a single dropped frame in Blighttown. 

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ive been so media-related productive lately that i think im actually burning myself out for once


im playing a shitton of stardew valley and some slay the spire, im keeping up with 5 anime and 1 cartoon regularly and trying to shorten my movie list on netflix and im just kinda tired of watching stuff mostly 


time 2 take a break from stuff i think

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28 minutes ago, Pichi said:

oh god how
i forget half of what happens when i actually watch just 1-2 shows weekly

LMAO three are currently airing and 2 are long finished and i can watch leisurely 




cardcaptor sakura clear card



leisure watches:

pokemon sumo 

rose of versailles 


then im watching my little pony too, but that's a leisure watch too since the episodes aren't like, really bound much by plot 


i haven't watched this much stuff concurrently before in my life, but crunchyroll makes it easy for me to get in like 3 episodes a day before, during, and after work but i would Not Recommend it tbh lol

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21 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

Is Boku no Pico Academia any good? I'm not really into shounen.

i haven't seen green naruto but most ppl lose their shit over it so it's probably a bit above average like most hyped shounen


46 minutes ago, chickadee said:

i would Not Recommend it tbh lol

yeah i never even keep up with shows i really hype up. just end up watching them a couple months minimum after watching the first few episodes live lmao
i was waiting years for a Durarara s2 and still haven't watched that even though i saw that it was releasing in 2015
plenty other examples lol

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