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Site: https://pokemonquest.pokemon.com/en-us/

Platforms: Nintendo Switch (Avail. Now) | iOS/Android (Coming late June)

Price: Free (In-app purchases & DLC)




GncmexT.png?1 Trailer GncmexT.png?1









GncmexT.png?1 References GncmexT.png?1






Did anyone download this yet? I decided to check this out since it was free and I find it pretty fun for a F2P game. I never really cared for the PKMN Rumble series, but I'm really enjoying PKMN Quest. One thing kinda don't like is how much this was designed around touch controls, especially since your PKMN will automatically move towards enemies. I know there are joy-con controls, but it seems like putting this on Switch was an after thought (I would have liked traditional button controls, especially in the menus). One thing I really like is the the cube-y art style. I find it more appealing then the art style in the Rumble series. I'm not sure how long this will hold my interest, but if it's anything like Nintendo's past F2P games (PKMN Shuffle for example), I may play for quite a bit. Nintendo has always been good with F2P games and not making you feel like you have to pay.


Here's my current team:





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i watched a streamer play this on twitch the other day and it looks very...shallow


from the graphics to the gameplay to the amount of pokemon, i doubt this is really going to pull them in much money 


the cube like looks are so overdone at this point, not to mention it never looked that good to begin with, im surprised THAT'S the route they took. like, minecraft has been out for 5+ years now, they aren't exactly treading new ground lol


all that said, i plan on playing it once its out in android just to play it 


im surprised it came out on switch first considering its so obviously meant to be a mobile game 

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I played for an hour and a half and then deleted it.


* It's an idle game, meaning it runs brainlessly and automatically. There's some engaging gameplay when you try managing your team's attacks all at once, but there's little to no reason not to throw the game on auto.


* It feels made for young children, yet the game throws tons of numbers and abilities around its clunky, low-contrast menus. No one dedicated enough to optimize their Pokemon will want to put up with the actual gameplay.


* And while games based around stamina systems are usually very fast-paced, Pokemon Quest is very slow and full of loading between menus. And the overworld music was already immediately driving me insane after just hearing it a couple of times.


These idle games give me the worst headaches, and they make me feel awful about myself. They're made to give you the illusion of progress, but I can see right through their structured and metered formulas. I consider every idle game to be the worst game ever made, if they can even be called games. I've never not felt sick while playing one.

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Yeah, I somewhat agree with everyone gameplay wise. As a F2P game it's alright, but not the best. Though, when it comes to F2P PKMN games, PKMN Shuffle is good shit! I still play that every now and then on 3DS. I would love to see PKMN Shuffle hit Switch, but only if you can transfer your data from the 3DS version. 


Not sure if I will bother trying to complete the Dex, since it requires you to randomly figure out new recipes to attract certain PKMN. Though, I might stop playing when I complete all the areas, that is if they don't add new content. Speaking of new content, I wonder if we will see free updates for PKMN Quest..? Since it's also coming to mobile I would assume so, that is if they wan't it to keep making $. I also agree that as of right now, it's not going to make much, especially since they let you get free PM Tickets (premium currency) form the shop every day (at least I assume, since I'm not sure if it's only a certain number of times or not).

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2 hours ago, Kezay said:

What exactly separates this from Rumble?  I saw a few quick vids when the info blowout on these games come out the other night and it immediately reminded me of Rumble. 

You don't directly control your Pokemon's movement, and you can modify and level them up. A generic attack is used automatically, and cooldown attacks can be used on demand.


Other than that, very similar concepts.

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So far I think it’s not too bad for a occasional pick up and play game, imo


Though I do agree it would be nice if we had a little more control over Movement and the Camera during stages rather than it being fixed


But I do like the Power Stone and Cooking stuff, though...


Although eventually only having the first 150/151 Pokémon might get repetitive, so hopefully they’ll update it with new areas/islands with Gen 2,3,etc in the future 



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Is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that there's a play-limit timer in this game, when you can't really pay to refill it? Seriously, why is this even in the game? You need PM tickets to refill it and the only way to buy them is with DLC packs, which are a one time purchase. LOL! C'mon! They're not even trying to make money with this game, especially since they give you 50 free PM tickets a day. If they're going to half-ass the F2P aspect and IAPs, they why make it F2P? I just don't get it. Look at Nintendo's other F2P/Mobile games like Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp...They are constantly giving you free premium currency, though they still let you buy it if you feel the need to.


I'm not complaining, but this just boggles my mind. Do they even want to make money off this game? Why even put in F2P mechanics if your not going to monetize off them? It just makes the game more of a pain then it needs to be, like with leveling up your PKMN  and evolving them. IDK, maybe they're just testing things out until the mobile version comes out? This is the most lenient F2P game I've ever seen. There's like 0 reason that anyone should spend money on this game (unless they want exclusive decorations).




Oh yeah...Now that I think of it, there are those special move enhancement stone things you can buy for a few $, which also come with PM tickets. I assume you can buy those as many times as you want. Anyway, my point still stands! If they're going to half-ass the F2P mechanics, then why not spend a little more the and just make a more in-depth game for a set price?


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Is it just me or are the SFXs way too loud in this game? I have to turn down the volume quite a bit when playing in handheld mode, because the PKMN attack SFXs are so loud. Plus, I fear it will blow my speakers out. For example, when Arcanine (boss PKMN) attacks it makes this loud BRRRGGGGG sound. >_< Seriously, it's louder than the music! I really wished they had put a music and SFX volume sliders in the options menu like most games have.. I've noticed this being a bit of an issue on the Switch, where games like Breath of the Wild are a bit quiet and others like MK8 DX, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, Puyo Puyo Tetris,  etc. are much louder (Mostly noticeable in handheld mode). Anyway, I hop they fix this issue with PKMN Quest's SFXs.


On a somewhat related note... I'm really liking the music in this game. Yeah, I've noticed PKMN spin-off games have some great music (more so then some musicin the main series games). Take this track of example...How can you not have a smile on your face when you hear it. :) 




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4 hours ago, Gold said:

Geeze, the level walls in this game are real. I blew through the first three areas in like a day and have been stuck on the bosses of the fourth and fifth areas for days.


Yeah, I assume they want you to buy the $30 DLC pack, so you can get more pots to get better PKMN more often and to keep recharging the bigger battery that comes with it more to grind more often, since you'll be able to get 190 PM tickets a day instead of 50. Otherwise, it's a slow-go. I've seen that some people have already beaten all the lvls. I assume these are the people that bought the $30 DLC pack.


BTW, if you buy 10 decorations from the shop (with PM tickets) you can get a Premier Ball that gives you 10 extra PM tickets a day. 


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Pro Tip: You might want to use this glitch before it gets patched out. If you put your pointer on the evade button just in between the border of the icon and the grey part, you can spam the evade button and your PKMN will keep evading. This is useful so you can let fainted PKMN become revived and let PKMN use their natural healing abilities to recover HP (they recover HP over time depending on stats).



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I specified my first real recipe for my game to be for the electric types and pulled an Electabuzz with Meditate and Thundershock. Then went for a blue soda recipe hoping for Dratini and got a Horsea with Icy Wind. Probably gonna go for a grass type next since I got a Growlithe (I'm assuming just like everyone else) from the two tutorial meals to round out the starter elemental triad.

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