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Who from the Mario Universe should be a newcomer to the next Smash Bros game?

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Mario is so well represented in Smash Brothers that I would prefer something very off the wall at this point...Personally, it would be the Rabbids from Kingdom Battle and try to have the four of them function under one fighter by allowing switching between Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Luigi, Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Yoshi possibly through Beep-O.

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I'd be down for Waluigi if he gets done "right."


Depending on your point of view, Geno was in Smash 4 LOL.

* But yeah, some SMRPG love wouldn't hurt.




I like where your head is at for off the wall stuff...but I don't think the Rabbids would make the cut because of how they are.


But.... in the vein of what you are getting at...


Hammer Brother: he'd have access to hammers, fireballs, stun stomps and other tactics from his brothers in arms.


Birdo: Lots of different kinds of eggs to toss


While I don't like Mario Kart Characters going this route:  Cat Bowser / SM3DW?  Cosmic Mario?  


I saw Gamexplain offer up Toad/Captain Toad..... ehh


Magikoopa?  I mean hell, he could take out sections of the stage with his magic blasts or transform them into hazards.

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I wonder if there could be a way to work Tatanga in there somehow?  Granted he was just a one-off villain from a game that seemed like something Mario was tossed into last minute rather than being built around, but maybe there are ways to make it work. :P

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