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Sony ceases physical Vita cartridge production by 2019 for US/EU.

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And so physical Vita cartridges will cease to be made for US/EU by 2019. Some that publish physical games have until June 18th, 2018 to have their contracts finished and also the games need to be released by February 18th, 2019. I'll admit I did have with the system and I still have a handful of physical Vita cartridges. I should consider getting a few titles again in physical format but then again maybe not.

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Vita is literally dead for real this time.


A shame. I just wanted a PSP2. Instead we got a Vita with the dumb memory cards.

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RIP Vita.


Yea it is a shame. Those damn memory cards killed it. Prices were just too expensive (for the larger ones).

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On 5/16/2018 at 9:09 AM, Fuzzer1 said:

So are they doing to do a new portable system to replace it or no?

Gotta wait for E3 2018 if not then that is a no. In other news while Physical Vita cartridge production ceases in the US and EU they are planning to keep it going for Japan for a bit longer.

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I am surprised this didn't happen sooner.  I guess Sony was just really milking every cent they could out of the Vita.  I have a PSTV and quite a few physical Vita cartridges that are compatible.  I love the PSTV for the fact I can access all my old PS1 classic downloads from my old PS3 and I have the ability to play some of the best games from the Vita on the PSTV.  Maybe I can start finding the shits in bargain bins soon which is always good for my wallet.

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