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Lost Mangroves - N4A Chat Thread, May 2018


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Man I love Pokemon Rocket Strike lol. It's a wild ride. Thought I was going to steal this guy's Latias and it ends up being a Mew :P. And all of the Pokemon have different types and attacks, so it's been taking some getting used to.

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2 hours ago, luca said:

yeah man i'm pretty badass too for how abusive i am to my liver and kidneys


develop a vicodin addiction while you're an alcoholic and then we'll talk

I mean, it's not Vicodin but it is pain pills

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Played through “Gone Home” as it was on my Xbox from either a free download or homing my sister in law, and I had no idea what it was about. Annnnnnd huge missed opportunities. I mean the writing for what it was was good enough, but they had set up to be all spooky and had this spooky like stuff and I was riding an edible aaaand nothing. It was a drawer opening simulator. I feel really bad for anyone who paid money for that. 

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