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Is it time for the next NSMB game?

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I liked NSMB.


I liked NSMB Wii, but I'll admit, the graphics and some of the repetitiveness of it kind of wore on me.


I liked NSMB 2, and while yeah, I did find it somewhat generic, the 3D made it pretty cool I liked a lot of the concepts tied to the Gold Fire Flower for puzzle solving.


NSMBU/LU was pretty darn solid and the only one to really embrace the interconnected world map like SMW.  I think that was its most redeeming feature.





Real Talk:


I think the NSMB moniker needs some re-branding.  With some of the efforts in some of the games in the line I think the "N" moniker kind of sets up certain expectations.  I mean we did go from Bros. to World to Galaxy ....  but only Bros and World are 2D platforming games.


It needs 1-2 NEW killer power up designs.  I think they were money with the Squirrel one in the last game.  And I loved the puzzle solving and strategy elements to the Gold Flower in NSMB2.


I think it would be a smart move to take the game outside of the Mushroom Kingdom for a change.  Aside  from my affinity for going back to the SMB2 world of Subcon/Land of Dreams I think there are some other worlds that Mario can go back to or, why not do something entirely new.

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Yes and no. I'd be happy to see another strictly side-scrolling Mario game—like you said NSMBU was really solid and might even be the highlight of this sub-category of Mario. The "New" brand has kind of stagnated though, and personally I think they'd be better off naming a new side-scrolling Mario something other than NSMB and maybe embrace a more unique art style.

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It's been a long time since I've played through these games. Pretty much since their releases. I remember the Wii version being my favorite, though I really did appreciate the Wii U game because of the map. With that being said, I wouldn't mind a new entry, or a new series based on the NSMB but I would like either its own style of graphics, or take us to unique places we haven't been before. Also we have Super Mario Run which is pretty much the NSMB game engine.   

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I also agree that, while I would be fine with another "New" Mario game, it needs a unifying innovation.  One (or several) new power-up is a must, as well as unique level designs.  I honestly have been rather worried about the NSMB series after Super Mario Maker came out, as the latter has the undesirable potential aftereffect of devaluing the Mario 2D platformers since anyone can make them.  That said, not everyone has expert level design. 


I would love to see some old series features/assets revived as well, such as Sunshine or SMB2, blending retro and new.  I think we'll get a new NSMB on Switch, so I'm hopeful.  Super Mario Run is fun but it's no replacement.

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