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Super Mario Hacks and Homebrews

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Back in the day, I used to really dislike anything fan-related when it came to Super Mario.  I'm not really sure why, maybe it's just because I was a purist or something.  But I've come to find that the fans have done some pretty incredible things, especially in the realm of fan games!  What are some of your favorite mods, hacks, and homebrews?


I honestly used to know nothing about this topic until a few weeks ago when someone recommended I play Mario Adventure on NES, which is a SMB3 hack.  While I still don't think any fan games hold a candle to the real thing, I was nevertheless impressed by just how extensive Mario Adventure was, with weather effects, tons of levels, and brand new power-ups!  Another one of the best hacks I found is called Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magical Orbs.  As far as SMW hacks go, the level design isn't the greatest, but it has 9 different power-ups (including FLUDD) and every stage has its own unique music.  And the music is phenomenal!




While in the past I never would have even considered playing a hack, I've become more open to the idea.  Sure, they're no official games, but they still can be fun.  SMB2 was an official hack after all,  and that's become one of my favorite games of all time.  Super Mario Maker now lets us customize Mario games whenever we want.  What are some Mario hacks/homebrews you would recommend?

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Never played through the fan made Mario games. I may have at some point on flash player but it was only for a few minutes. Couldn't even tell you the games. It was a great experience getting Mario Maker though. I don't have the patience to throughly make a level, but I did enjoy seeing other people's creative ideas come into fruition.

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