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Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

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Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the Mario Kart Racing Association.  From the creators of the Nintendo Baseball League, this is a racing RP based on the Mario Kart franchise, and also Formula 1. 


Joining is easy.  There are 18 teams of 2 racers competing in the 2018 season.  Pick one, and take control of their karts and give your guidance on the way to the checkered flag. 


1.Delta Sarasaland - Fuzzer & Daisy

2.Petco Hedgehog - Sonic & Amy Rose

3.Friday’s Fun Guys - Toad & Toadette

4.Kroger Popstar - Kirby & Metaknight

5.Amazon Plumber - Mario & Luigi

6.Tesco Princess - Peach & Rosalina

7.Corona Islander - Yoshi & Birdo

8.CVS Fox - Fox & Krystal

9.Roscosmos Cosmonaut - Olimar & Louie

10.Uber Lawyer - Miles Edgeworth & Phoenix Wright

11.Coors Koopa - Bowser & Koopa Troopa

12.Dole Banana - Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong

13.BMW Bigshot - Gary Oak & Ash Ketchum

14.Ford Performance - Banjo & Timber

15.American Skyworld - Pit & Palutena

16.Target Thieves - Wario & Waluigi

17.Chevrolet Top Driver - Captain Falcon & Jody Summer

18.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - Triforcemaster & Zelda

19.Carrefour Dreamland - King Dedede & Waddle Dee

20.Stihl Venom - Wolf O’Donnell & Dash Bowman


2018 Season Schedule:

1.Yoshi Circuit - Yoshi's Island - March 11

2.DK's Jungle Parkway - Kongo Jungle - March 18

3.Dry Dry Desert Circuit - Sarasaland - March 25

4.Roulette Road - Casino Night Zone - April 8

5.Mario Kart Stadium, Mushroom Kingdom - April 15

6.Mute City Circuit, Mute City - April 22

7.Chocolate Mountain Circuit - Dinosaur Land - April 29

8.Animal Crossing Circuit - Smashville - May 6

9.Katina Frontline Base Battle Arena - Katina - May 13

10.Toad's Turnpike Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - May 20

11.Dragoon Air Ride Circuit - Popstar - May 27

12.Koopa Troopa Beach Circuit - Valley of Bowser - June 3

13.Hyrule Circuit - Hyrule - June 10

14.Sunshine Airport Circuit - Delfino City - June 17

15.Darkwater Beach Battle Arena - Timber Island - June 24

16.Mushroom City Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - July 23

17.Silph Company Street Circuit - Saffron City - July 29

18.Donut Plains 3 Circuit - Dinosaur Land - August 5

19.Daisy Circuit - Sarasaland - August 12

20.Big Blue Circuit - Big Blue - August 20

21.Skyscraper Battle Arena - Mushroom City - August 27

22.Subcon Circuit - Subcon - September 16

23.Corneria City Circuit - Corneria - September 23

24.Moleville Mountain Circuit - Star Continent - September 30

25.Spacedust Alley Plane Circuit - Timber Island - October 7

26.Royal Raceway Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - October 14

27.DK Summit Circuit - DK Isles - October 21

28.Haunted Wasteland Battle Arena - Gerudo Valley - October 28

29.Bowser's Castle Circuit - Valley of Bowser - November 5

30.Rainbow Road - Mario Galaxy - November 12



Driver points standings after 17 rounds of 30 (through Kanto Grand Prix)


1.Daisy - 189 pts (1 win)

2.Fuzzer - 176 pts (3 wins)

3.Yoshi - 121 pts (2 wins)

4.Mario - 110 pts (1 win)

5.Fox - 108 pts

6.Triforcemaster - 103 pts (1 win)

7.Captain Falcon - 100 pts (1 win)

8.Banjo - 98 pts (1 win)

9.Peach - 97 pts (1 win)

10.Toad - 92 pts

11.Luigi - 87 pts

12.Krystal - 85 pts (1 win)

13.Toadette - 85 pts

14.Jody Summer - 82 pts

15.Donkey Kong - 71 pts (1 win)

16.Bowser - 70 pts (1 win)

17.Diddy Kong - 61 pts

18.Zelda - 59 pts

19.Pit - 57 pts (1 win)

20.Amy Rose - 52 pts (1 win)

21.Rosalina - 51 pts (1 win)

22.Kirby - 51 pts

23.Koopa Troopa - 44 pts

24.Timber - 44 pts

25.Phoenix Wright - 43 pts

26.Metaknight - 40 pts

27.Olimar - 39 pts

28.King Dedede - 38 pts

29.Gary Oak - 32 pts

30.Louie - 32 pts

31.Wario - 29 pts

32.Miles Edgeworth - 29 pts

33.Palutena - 26 pts

34.Ash Ketchum - 19 pts

35.Sonic - 18 pts

36.Waluigi - 16 pts

37.Dash Bowman - 10 pts

38.Wolf - 9 pts

39.Birdo - 5 pts

40.Waddle Dee - 0 pts


Constructor's Championship Standings:

1.Delta Sarasaland - 365 pts (4 wins)

2.Amazon Plumber - 197 pts (1 win)

3.CVS Fox - 193 pts (1 win)

4.Chevrolet Top Driver - 182 pts (1 win)

5.Fridays Fun Guys - 177 pts

6.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - 162 pts (1 win)

7.Tesco Princess - 148 pts (2 wins)

8.Ford Performance - 142 pts (1 win)

9.Dole Banana - 132 pts (1 win)

10.Corona Islander - 126 pts (2 wins)

11.Coors Koopa - 114 pts (1 win)

12.Kroger Popstar - 91 pts

13.American Skyworld - 83 pts (1 win)

14.Uber Lawyer - 72 pts

15.Roscosmos Cosmonaut - 71 pts

16.Petco Hedgehog - 70 pts

17.BMW Big Shot - 51 pts

18.Target Thieves - 45 pts

19.Carrefour Dreamland - 38 pts

20.Stihl Venom - 19 pts

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2018 Race 1 - Yoshi's Island Grand Prix - Yoshi Circuit


Based on the qualifying results from this afternoon...the grid for tonight's grand prix:


Row 1 - Yoshi, Daisy, Mario, Rosalina

Row 2 - Koopa Troopa, Captain Falcon, Peach, Luigi

Row 3 - Kirby, Sonic, Diddy Kong, Conker

Row 4 - Pit, Waluigi, Birdo, Fox

Row 5 - Ryu, Amy Rose, Jody Summer, Phoenix Wright

Row 6 - Metaknight, Krystal, Olimar, Palutena

Row 7 - Banjo, Fuzzer, Triforcemaster, Zelda

Row 8 - Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, Louie

Row 9 - Miles Edgeworth, Gary Oak, Ash Ketchum, Edmond Honda


9:30pm Eastern - the green flag drops


Lap 1 - Big pileup involving 7 racers.  Not surprisingly Captain Falcon is in the center of it, and his kart is damaged too much and he is out of the race, along with Sonic, and Waluigi.  33 racers continue.  Following the break, its Yoshi in the lead with the rest of row 1 and 2 right behind.


Lap 5 - Another safety car comes out as Metaknight's kart has its power unit fail.  He's out of the race. 


Lap 8 - The damage from the earlier crash is too much for Pit...he's out of the race as well.  Yoshi continues to lead, followed by Mario, Daisy, Peach, and Luigi in the top 5


Lap 12 - Ash Ketchum is out of the race after simply missing a turn near the foot of the Yoshi course.  Embarrassing.


Lap 20 - First time into Pit lane...Yoshi's pit crew is perfect and gets him back on course quickly.  Kirby has a quick change and vaults into third, breaking apart the all-Mario top 5 for now.


Lap 22 - Banjo is driving a really good race after driving poorly in qualifying, he's up into the top 10 now, running just behind Koopa Troopa and his teammate Conker.  Looking in at our featured teams, Fuzzer is struggling back in 24th place, though Daisy is running 4th.  Triforcemaster is running 16th at the moment while Zelda is 21st.


Lap 27 - A difficult ending for Edmond Honda, who saw his transmission unit malfunction.  He was struggling anyway, but still.


Lap 30 - Midway through the race, and Yoshi has led on his home track from wire to wire.  Behind him are Mario, Daisy, Koopa Troopa, Kirby, Luigi, and Conker in that order


Lap 34 - Big crash involving Bowser and Gary Oak.  They're both out of the race...Gary attempting to overtake Bowser on the tail turn and he simply ran out of room and took himself and the big turtle out.  Bowser not surprisingly goes to confront Gary in pit lane, setting off quite a verbal confrontation.


Lap 38 - The race has finally started to settle a little bit now.  They'll be headed into Pit Lane for the 2nd time shortly.  60 laps in the grand prix.


Lap 41 - Yoshi wanted to make a big opening statement and he's done it surely now...another perfect run through Pit Lane and he's well on his way to victory.  Disaster further back in the field for Donkey Kong, as one of his pit crew fails to re-put the lugnut on the tire properly.  He weaves haphazardly around for the next lap, falling into last place.  Ouch.  Of our featured teams, Fuzzer is 22nd, Daisy is 3rd, Zelda is 23rd, and Triforcemaster has driven very strongly the last few laps and is now up into 12th place.


Lap 48 - Not a lot happening now except for some close battles between 5th and 10th.  Yoshi, Mario, and Daisy are looking good for gold, silver, and bronze here.  Koopa Troopa is quite a ways back in 4th place, battling with Peach and Luigi for that spot.


Lap 60 - And that's a wrap...Yoshi takes the checkered flag on his home track and gets the 25 points for first place.  It's an egg-cellent end of the inaugural race.  Mario takes silver and 20 points, while Daisy gets bronze for 18.


Final Standings

1.Yoshi - 25 pts

2.Mario - 20 pts

3.Daisy - 18 pts

4.Luigi - 15 pts

5.Koopa Troopa - 12 pts

6.Peach - 10 pts

7.Kirby - 9 pts

8.Conker - 8 pts

9.Banjo - 7 pts

10.Triforcemaster - 6 pts

11.Fox - 5 pts

12.Krystal - 4 pts

13.Rosalina - 3 pts

14.Birdo - 2 pts

15.Diddy Kong - 1 pt



DNF - Captain Falcon, Sonic, Waluigi, Metaknight, Pit, Ash Ketchum, Edmond Honda, Bowser, Gary Oak

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Posted (edited)

Alright, here we go guys.


Well that’s 4 racers not needing to contend with now.


Stay close Daisy. I’ll try to join you eventually.


Oh wow. Talk about a dumb way to end your race early. I mean, you missed a turn and probably went for a drink in the water? Unbelievable.


Not a good race so far. Plus not having a good qualifying run didn’t help things either.


I think we got ourselves a rivalry about to begin now. And BMW Big Shot is out of the race with both drivers suffering DNFs.


Oh no. That’s not good at all. He’s probably going a lap down for that boo boo.


Tough race and not even a single point to show for it. Oh well. On to the next race next week.

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Posted (edited)

Shulk, just checking this out I suppose?


Just asking.


Edit: Here are the manufactures representing the teams once again:


1.Delta Sarasaland - Chevrolet

2.Petco Hedgehog - Honda

3. Friday’s Fun Guys - Honda

4.Kroger Popstar - Ford

5.Amazon Plumber - Ford

6.Tesco Princess - Chevrolet

7.Corona Islander - Ford

8.CVS Fox - Chevrolet

9.Nasa Astronaut - Ford

10.Uber Lawyer -  BMW

11.Coors Koopa - Ford

12.Dole Banana - Chevrolet

13.BMW Bigshot - BMW

14. Ford Performance - Ford

15. American Skyworld - BMW

16.Target Thieves - Honda

17.Chevrolet Top Driver - Chevrolet

18.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - Honda

19. Carrefour Dreamland- Chevrolet

20. Stihl Venom- BMW



Here is the breakdown per manufacturer:


Ford: 6

Chevrolet: 6

Honda: 4

BMW: 4


With Yoshi winning for Corona Islander last night running Ford engines, Ford so far has one win as an engine supplier in the new MKRA season though it should be expected for the other three engine suppliers to have at least one win by the end of the season.


Update: edited to reflect Jtekt Japan’s departure and Friday’s Fun Guys replacing them


Uodated to reflect Copa di Vino Dreamland being added to the roster as of May 29, 2018 which makes both Ford and Chevrolet supporting 6 teams each


Updated for the final time to reflect the addition of Stihl Venom to BMW’s total, now at 4 with Honda.


Edited because we can’t forget about those official sponsors.


Here they are:


Heineken (official alcoholic beverage)

Rolex (Official Timekeeper)

Goodyer (Official Tire)

Ford (Official Vehicle)

Coca-Cola (Official non-alcoholic beverage)

Chevron (Official Fuel)


Edited to reflect Carrefour now sponsoring Dreamland’s team.

Edited by Fuzzer1

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A high ranking marketing executive for the MKRA recently told MK Business Daily that when it came time to seek team sponsors for the new teams this season, they had a rule not to sign a sponsor they felt was on their “last lap,” or about to close down.


Case in point: Toys R Us.


The exec said in the article:


”We have smart contacts in the US that helped guide us in the various deals and steered us in the right directions for many of the sponsors. In terms of retail, we were able to get Target and Amazon on board even though the former had some finance issues that got fixed thankfully and both companies are doing great financially.


When we had designs for possibly getting Toys R Us on board though, we were told about various reports saying they were in trouble and that if they went out of business during the season and sponsored a team, that team would lose it’s main income immediately and frankly, we don’t want to see an unsponsored kart on the track at all.”


Indeed the beloved toy chain and it’s financial woes did force them into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and caused stocks in toy companies like Hasbro and Mattel to drop and while the chain did say it planned to remain open on social media channels last week, liquidation sales could begin as early as this weekend, wrapping up before the start of summer.


”We sure dodged a bullet there,” the exec said. “It’s a shame that iconic companies you think could last forever eventually bite the dust but that’s business for you in a nutshell. As the saying goes: only the strong shall survive.”

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Fuzzer it looks like I may be tied up during the time I was planning to do the race.  Do you think you’d want to do the Kongo Jungle Grand Prix tonight?


Qualifying results:

Row 1 - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Sonic, Luigi

Row 2 - Daisy, Peach, Sonic, Fox

Row 3 - Yoshi, Rosalina, Krystal, Amy Rose

Row 4 - Captain Falcon, Jody Summer, Miles Edgeworth, Mario

Row 5 - Phoenix Wright, Edmond Honda, Bowser, Conker

Row 6 - Banjo, Fuzzer, Triforcemaster, Zelda

Row 7 - Birdie, Kirby, Metaknight, Koopa Troopa 

Row 8-9 - the rest

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Posted (edited)

60... But, I think you don't need to post all of them, just find good numbers and put some interesting developments there. Just look at what TM3 did as an example.

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Got it. I’ll go ahead right now and do some pre race storylines:


1. It’s clear that after what transpired last week, we have ourselves a new rivalry between Bowser and Gary Oak after the latter’s intentional wreck of the former in the tail turn of Yoshi Circuit prompting those two to have a verbal exchange on pit road afterward. This one is something to keep an eye on heading into the race tonight and throughout the MKRA season.


2. Both of Delta Sarasland’s drivers once again are separated in the grid following qualifying this afternoon. It remains to be seen if Fuzzer1 can join Daisy and contend for a win but the key thing here is to have a decent race with no issues.


3. None of the drivers raced at DK’a Jungle Parkway during the TSS Kart portion last November due to the wooden bridge being out of commission meaning this is the second straight track that no one has any MKRA racing experience on prior to today. Also expect the river running through the middle of the circuit to claim a few unsuspecting drivers tonight if they’re not careful.

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Posted (edited)

MKRA Kongo Jungle Grand Prix


Qualifying results:

Row 1 - Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Sonic, Luigi

Row 2 - Daisy, Peach, Sonic, Fox

Row 3 - Yoshi, Rosalina, Krystal, Amy Rose

Row 4 - Captain Falcon, Jody Summer, Miles Edgeworth, Mario

Row 5 - Phoenix Wright, Edmond Honda, Bowser, Conker

Row 6 - Banjo, Fuzzer, Triforcemaster, Zelda

Row 7 - Birdo, Kirby, Metaknight, Koopa Troopa 

Row 8-9 - the rest


10 pm- The formation lap is underway and the karts will go slowly around the circuit to ensure their karts won’t have any problems when the lights go out in a few minutes.


10:05 pm- Lights are now green and we are underway with everyone getting a clean start into turn 1 with DK, Diddy and Daisy in the top three at the start.


2- And already Fuzzer is making huge strides now into the Top 15 so far after another forgetful qualifying run. Meanwhile, Diddy Kong is battling his uncle for the lead and gets by him and brought Daisy along with him to drop the big ape to third position. Sonic and Luigi round out the top 5 so far.


6- Big wreck already collects Amy Rose, Fox, Krystal, Peach and last week’s winner Yoshi with all five sustaining enough damage to be forced out of the race... all because a fan threw an illegal banana peel onto the track in front of Amy’s path causing her to spin into the other four racers, thereby displaying the yellow for the first time. Needless to say that fan won’t be coming back anytime soon...


9- On the ensuing restart, Sonic gets by DK to slot himself into third place only to face an enemy worse than Eggman in the form of water as the big ape slammed into the side of Sonic’s kart with enough force to send him into the river and results in the blue hedgehog’s kart  too soaked to continue. As such both CVS Fox and Petco Hedgehog are out of the race.


15- Fuzzer sure is making this look easy as he passes Rosalina to put himself within striking distance of the podium in 4th place with pit stops set to commence for the first time in the next 5 laps. Meanwhile Zelda and TM3 both find themselves in the top 10 with the aforementioned pit stops yet to come.


20- Pit stops begin and it’s looking likely we may have Dole Banana vs Delta Sarasland for the win as both teams are flawless with both drivers for each of their teams. This allows the four drivers to be extremely close in the battle for positions and should make these next 40 laps fun.


23- The BMW Bighsot drivers are slowly climbing into a decent finish when Gary Oak thinks he can easily send Bowser into the river and send him out of commission. Big mistake sadly as the turtle, clearly unhappy with Gary, retaliates on the bridge heading into the cave with a wreck that causes them to get into the mud that makes them unable to continue. While waiting though, both drivers get into another altercation this time with punches flying. Ash Ketchum sees this and smartly drives away from the mayhem.


26- Heartbreak for Banjo as his engine has gone south. He’s out.


33- Diddy Kong and Fuzzer have both passed Daisy and are now 1-2 with the two racers set to swap positions numerous times heading into the critical second pit stop that could determine the winner.


37- It should be noted that Ash Ketchum is in 5th. Rounding out the top 10 are TM3, Zelda, Jody Summer, Captain Falcon and Peach with 3 laps until pit stops.


40- Once again, the Top 4 drivers are able to exit pit road with no issues. Disaster strikes Kroger Popstatr though as Kirby’s pit crew has unexpected problems with one tire and loses precious time dealing with a stubborn lug nut not cooperating for some reason.


45- Phoenix Wright has gotten past Peach for 10th place with 15 laps left. TM3 also has gone by Ash for 5th with Fuzzer leading Diddy, DK and Daisy several seconds ahead of TM3.


50- Daisy has gone by her boyfriend for the lead but with the 4 so close together, it’s hard to ensure some distance between the drivers. It should be noted that all 4 drivers run Chevy engines making the GM brand the first to have a sweep of the podium in terms of engine manufacturers if things stay the same for the final 10 laps which promise to be an epic dogfight.


55- Heartbreak for Donkey Kong with 5 laps left as he blows a tire causing him to wreck spectacularly in the process much to the dismay of the home fans. TM3 and Zelda have now put themselves in the final two positions in the top 5.


60- What a finish as Fuzzer wins his first race of the 2018 MKRA season holding off Daisy and Diddy Kong in the process in a crazy shootout. TM3 and Zelda rounded out the top 5. This is the first time both Delta Sarasaland drivers have finished 1-2 in team history dating back to 2017 and all three finishers have Chevy powered engines meaning the “bowtie brigade” has swept the podium. Also in a close finish were Phoenix Wright and Peach for 10th with the princess barley edging out the lawyervfor that position at the line.


Results and points:


1. Fuzzer- 25 pts

2. Daisy- 20 pts

3. Diddy Kong- 18 pts

4. TM3- 15 pts

5. Zelda- 12 pts

6. Ash Ketchum- 10 pts

7. Metaknight- 9 pts

8. Jody Summer- 8 pts

9. Captain Falcon- 7 pts

10. Peach- 6 pts

11. Phoenix Wright- 5 pts

12. Mario- 4 pts

13. Luigi- 3 pts

14. Conker- 2 pts

15. Rosalina- 1 pt




Amy Rose







Gary Oak


Donkey Kong

Edited by Fuzzer1

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Tm3 spoke to the media following his 4th place finish at DK’s Jungle Parkway.


Reporter: So how was the race?


Tm3: Well it was a great performance for me and the team.  Zelda and I were close to one another for most of the 2nd half and we worked well together.  Sarasaland was too good and we couldn’t get past them this time, but we worked hard and also got a little lucky with Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Banjo all having car trouble in the 2nd half of the race.


Reporter: You’ve now finished top 10 in each of the first two races now.  Do you think this portends success for the rest of the season?


Tm3: I’d certainly like to think so.  I think that I’ve gotten used to the Kart pretty well at this point.  We haven’t gotten to any of the new tracks with the flying and antigravity segments yet, so that’ll be a new challenge, but I’m sure that I’ll figure it out.


Reporter: They said that Zelda wouldn’t be able to compete well in the MKRA as unlike you, she doesn’t have regular driving experience prior to now.  What does her performance today say to her critics?


Tm3: Were we a little fortunate today?  Sure.  But it takes a lot of skill to drive these circuits.  Everybody in the MKRA has earned the right to be here, and I think Zelda’s performance today showed the critics that while she may not be a title favorite, you can’t take her for granted.  


Reporter: What is your take on the controversial crash on lap 6?


Tm3: Look, I know it’s tradition for the fans in Kongo Jungle to throw things, mostly coconuts, at the racers that drive off course, but what happened there with the fan causing Amy Rose to crash and also knocking out the Corneria pair and Peach and Yoshi, that was totally unacceptable.  I don’t know if that guy ever felt the end of her pikopiko hammer in the past and wanted revenge or what, but we cannot have fans screwing with competitors on the track.  Auto racing is dangerous enough, and the teams work all week to get the car into top shape and for it to be ruined like that by fan interference is just ridiculous.  The MKRA needs to take immediate action to ensure this never happens again.  The NBL and the NAFA have had issues with fan violence in the past so I realize it’s a learning experience for a new league to deal with, but this has to be priority 1.  


Reporter: thank you for your time and good luck in Sarasaland this Sunday

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Posted (edited)

In a stunning plot twist to the story surrounding the fan who threw the banana peel on Monday, it turns out that it was a supporter of Coors Koopa’s team who threw the debris “on a whim” according to police reports in Kongo Jungle with the fan saying that he had “no intention of wrecking Amy Rose on purpose,” and had apologized.


However his social media account could land him in some hot water as video has surfaced of the fan wanting Bowser to “cause great harm to that annoying brat known as Gary Oak any way possible,” saying that “seeing him fail to take the glorious Bowser out of the race showed his true colors and when you cross Bowser’s bad side, you better watch your butt carefully cause it may get a tad toasty.”


He added that regarding Gary Oak “that guy is a total drama king always wanting to cause trouble even outside of the Pokémon realm and needs to be taught a lesson or two to knock some sense into him.”


No one for either Coors Koopa or BMW Big Shot have yet to comment on this latest development and some MKRA officials are looking at handing him a blanket ban for life from all races and battles for such comments.

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Posted (edited)

American F1 fans who stayed up late on the East Coast to watch the AUstralian Grand Prix on ESPN2 hadplenty of fears that somehow, the coverage would be garbage even with the Sky Sports feed being provided to the network. Unfortunately their fears came true, and here are three thing that stand out on social media like a sore thumb:


1. While Sky Sports’ “On The Grid” was added to ensure pre race coverage was shown, it wasn’t shown on ESPN2 prior to the race due to “technical difficulties” prompting an Outside The Lines episode to be shown instead as a result. Also when they did start showing the race, the sound wasn’t working. These could very well be kinks needed to be ironed out and should be fixed by Bahrain.


2. The problem with Sky Sports and their coverage from an American perspective is no ad breaks during the actual race mean ESPN’s ad breaks interrupted the announcers mid sentence at times, prompting outrage from fans due to the missed coverage because of the ads.


3. As soon as the trophies were handed out fans were expecting some good post race coverage to wrap it up nicely. Nope. ESPN abruptly ended the coverage with no post race analysis from Sky’s announcers at all.


Not a good start to the season and American F1 coverage for 2018 at all.


Update: ESPN PR’s Twitter account released a statement apologizing for the coverage. Here’s the statement in full:



Edited by Fuzzer1

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Fuzzer and Daisy took part in autograph signings for local fans who support them and Delta Sarasaland Racing Team’s program and posed for photos with fans who are excited to have an opportunity to support a racing team they can call their own with a support group that has attended both MKRA races so far called the “Red Arrows” named as both a nod to the iconic Mercedes Benz “Silver Arrows” paint scheme and since Delta’s red widget logo makes part of an arrow.


Giant banners and flags supporting the team were in full force during practice runs as both drivers took to the track to huge cheers from the fans which could get louder as the night goes on should one of the two win tonight.

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Qualifying Results for Birabuto Grand Prix @ Dry Dry Desert Circuit

Row 1 - Daisy, Luigi, Mario, Peach

Row 2 - Fuzzer, Conker, Wario, Waluigi

Row 3 - Yoshi, Bowser, Kirby, Fox

Row 4 - Banjo, Rosalina, Olimar, Captain Falcon

Row 5 - Koopa Troopa, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, Jody Summer

Row 6 - Metaknight, Birdo, Triforcemaster, Sonic

Row 7 - Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright, Gary Oak, Ash Ketchum

Row 8 - Zelda, Ryu, Palutena, Louie

Row 9 - Edmond Honda, Amy Rose, Krystal, Pit

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Posted (edited)

The stage is set for some sweet racing under the lights in the desert of Birabuto Kingdom. 


DNF - Birdo, Metaknight, Conker, Kirby, Mario, Rosalina, Olimar, Captain Falcon, Edmond Honda, Phoenix Wright, Diddy Kong, Amy Rose, Louie


10:10pm Est - the racers are out on the formation lap, guiding around the circuits curves, along with the quicksand roundabout which might well claim a few racers in this grand prix, as could those who go off the moguls wrongly too.


10:12pm Est - It's time to bring the action!  Lakitu gives the signal, and the racers are on the track.  Birdo crashes into Metaknight in the first series of turns, damaging both karts to the point where neither can continue.  The racers in the early rows are through unscathed and the race is on.


Lap 5 - A major pileup in the moguls sees Conker, Kirby, Mario, Rosalina, and Olimar and Captain Falcon all get tangled up a in 6-car accident, probably the worst of the season up to this point.  All 6 are eliminated from the race 


Lap 12 - Well you knew this would happen.  Edmond Honda takes a wrong angle at the roundabout, and gets sucked down into the quicksand.  His kart is filled with sand and cannot continue.


Lap 15 - A quarter of the way through and Daisy leads as she has from the start.  Luigi is 2nd, followed by Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Wario, Fuzzer, and Waluigi


Lap 20 - First pit stop was fairly uneventful, with the race order rather unchanged.


Lap 21 - A problem for Phoenix Wright as his transmission unit fails.  He's out of the race.


Lap 24 - Man it's just carnage out there tonight.  Diddy Kong takes a wrong angle going into the moguls and ends up smashing one of his rear tires and axle on the landing.  He is unable to continue.


Lap 30 - Daisy continues to lead but Luigi and Peach are right on her tail.  Sarasaland National team members have 4 of the top 7 as Wario and Waluigi are 5th and 7th, with Yoshi between them.


Lap 33 - Amy Rose ends up in the quicksand.  Her race is over.


Lap 40 - The racers are into Pit Lane for the 2nd time, and Peach gets out of the pit quicker than everybody else, to take over the lead.  Daisy is out 2nd, followed by Yoshi, Fuzzer, Banjo, Wario, Luigi, Triforcemaster, Fox, and Jody Summer


Lap 44 - Another quicksand casualty, this time it's Louie.  At least he doesn't have to clean the sand off himself, the spacesuit sees to that.


Lap 50 - 10 laps to go and it's the triumvirate of Peach, Daisy, and Yoshi battling for the victory.  Banjo has raced very well and is in fourth place with Fuzzer and Wario behind him, fending off any other racers from breaking up a great night for Sarasaland's home racers.  Further back, Palutena and Krystal have had very solid races, moving up into the top 10 after qualifying in the last 2 rows.


Lap 55 - The crowd roars as Daisy takes the lead on lap 52, only for Peach to come back and overtake her again 3 laps later.  Yoshi losing ground to the two princesses now, he's looking good for bronze.  It's a heads up battle for the checkered flag. 


Lap 60 - Try as she might, Daisy just wasn't able to overtake her cousin on this night...Princess Peach races to victory.  She almost appears apologetic in the winner's podium, not doing much celebrating and congratulating Daisy on her 2nd place finish.  Yoshi finishes third.  In a bit of a shocker, Bowser comes out of nowhere to overtake 3 racers on the final lap to finish fourth, with Banjo finishing 5th. 


Birabuto Grand Prix final results:

1.Peach - 25 pts

2.Daisy - 20 pts

3.Yoshi - 18 pts

4.Bowser - 15 pts

5.Banjo - 12 pts

6.Fuzzer - 10 pts

7.Wario - 9 pts

8.Luigi - 8 pts

9.Krystal - 7 pts

10.Palutena - 6 pts

11.Fox - 5 pts

12.Jody Summer - 4 pts

13.Koopa Troopa - 3 pts

14.Triforcemaster - 2 pts

15.Miles Edgeworth - 1 pt

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Posted (edited)

Hey, you used NBC’s Australian racing announcer Leigh Diffey’s quote to start the race. Dude’s pretty good calling the races.


Man. Brutal wreck that could’ve snagged me in it. Got lucky.


No surprise to see Daisy in front, and that beautiful red white and blue Delta Sarasaland kart belongs there, leading the field on home dirt.


Kinda weird to not see Tatanga on a team this season after his win at Mute City last November, even though I had that win in the bag if it wasn’t for that red shell and not having anything to stop it. Oh well.


Wait didn’t we have pit stops? Everyone who hasn’t wrecked spectacularly is probably worried about those Goodyears getting worn out.


OK so we DID have pit stops at Lap 20 but they weren’t shown apparently. Regardless, great stop guys.


And that ends the day for NASA Astronaut’s efforts.


Not bad for a pair of women who had bad qualifying efforts to be in the top 10 after all the carnage that transpired.


Eh, got good points out of it right? Great job.

Edited by Fuzzer1

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6 minutes ago, Fuzzer1 said:

Hey, you used NBC’s Australian racing announcer Leigh Diffey’s quote to start the race. Dude’s pretty good calling the races.

Yeah he is.  I liked his coverage on luge, bobsled, and skeleton during the Olympics too.  It's a real shame that NBC isn't calling F1 races anymore.  Clearly ESPN isn't up for it.

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