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Mario Kart Racing Association - 2018 Season

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Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the Mario Kart Racing Association.  From the creators of the Nintendo Baseball League, this is a racing RP based on the Mario Kart franchise, and also Formula 1. 


Joining is easy.  There are 18 teams of 2 racers competing in the 2018 season.  Pick one, and take control of their karts and give your guidance on the way to the checkered flag. 


1.Delta Sarasaland - Fuzzer & Daisy

2.Petco Hedgehog - Sonic & Amy Rose

3.Jtekt Japan - Ryu & Edmond Honda

4.Kroger Popstar - Kirby & Metaknight

5.Amazon Plumber - Mario & Luigi

6.Tesco Princess - Peach & Rosalina

7.Corona Islander - Yoshi & Birdo

8.CVS Fox - Fox & Krystal

9.Nasa Astronaut - Olimar & Louie

10.Uber Lawyer - Miles Edgeworth & Phoenix Wright

11.Coors Koopa - Bowser & Koopa Troopa

12.Dole Banana - Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong

13.BMW Bigshot - Gary Oak & Ash Ketchum

14.Kelloggs They’re Great - Conker and Banjo

15.Emirates Skyworld - Pit & Palutena

16.Target Thieves - Wario & Waluigi

17.Chevrolet Top Driver - Captain Falcon & Jody Summer

18.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - Triforcemaster & Zelda


2018 Season Schedule:

1.Yoshi Circuit - Yoshi's Island - March 11

2.DK's Jungle Parkway - Kongo Jungle - March 18

3.Dry Dry Desert Circuit - Sarasaland - March 25

4.Roulette Road - Casino Night Zone - April 8

5.Mario Kart Stadium, Mushroom Kingdom - April 15

6.Mute City Circuit, Mute City - April 22

7.Chocolate Mountain Circuit - Dinosaur Land - April 29

8.Animal Crossing Circuit - Smashville - May 6

9.Katina Frontline Base Battle Arena - Katina - May 13

10.Toad's Turnpike Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - May 20

11.Dragoon Air Ride Circuit - Popstar - May 27

12.Koopa Troopa Beach Circuit - Valley of Bowser - June 3

13.Hyrule Circuit - Hyrule - June 10

14.Sunshine Airport Circuit - Delfino City - June 17

15.Darkwater Beach Hovercraft Battle Arena - Timber Island - June 24

16.Mushroom City Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - July 15

17.Silph Company Street Circuit - Saffron City - July 22

18.Donut Plains 3 Circuit - Dinosaur Land - July 29

19.Waluigi Stadium Circuit - Sarasaland - August 19

20.Big Blue Circuit - Big Blue - August 26

21.Skyscraper Battle Arena - Mushroom City - September 2

22.Subcon Circuit - Subcon - September 9

23.Corneria City Circuit - Corneria - September 23

24.Moleville Mountain Circuit - Star Continent - September 30

25.Spacedust Alley Plane Circuit - Timber Island - October 7

26.Royal Raceway Circuit - Mushroom Kingdom - October 14

27.DK Summit Circuit - DK Isles - October 21

28.Gerudo Fortress Battle Arena - Hyrule - October 28

29.Bowser's Castle Circuit - Valley of Bowser - November 5

30.Rainbow Road - Mario Galaxy - November 12

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Posted (edited)

2018 Race 1 - Yoshi's Island Grand Prix - Yoshi Circuit


Based on the qualifying results from this afternoon...the grid for tonight's grand prix:


Row 1 - Yoshi, Daisy, Mario, Rosalina

Row 2 - Koopa Troopa, Captain Falcon, Peach, Luigi

Row 3 - Kirby, Sonic, Diddy Kong, Conker

Row 4 - Pit, Waluigi, Birdo, Fox

Row 5 - Ryu, Amy Rose, Jody Summer, Phoenix Wright

Row 6 - Metaknight, Krystal, Olimar, Palutena

Row 7 - Banjo, Fuzzer, Triforcemaster, Zelda

Row 8 - Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, Louie

Row 9 - Miles Edgeworth, Gary Oak, Ash Ketchum, Edmond Honda


9:30pm Eastern - the green flag drops


Lap 1 - Big pileup involving 7 racers.  Not surprisingly Captain Falcon is in the center of it, and his kart is damaged too much and he is out of the race, along with Sonic, and Waluigi.  33 racers continue.  Following the break, its Yoshi in the lead with the rest of row 1 and 2 right behind.


Lap 5 - Another safety car comes out as Metaknight's kart has its power unit fail.  He's out of the race. 


Lap 8 - The damage from the earlier crash is too much for Pit...he's out of the race as well.  Yoshi continues to lead, followed by Mario, Daisy, Peach, and Luigi in the top 5


Lap 12 - Ash Ketchum is out of the race after simply missing a turn near the foot of the Yoshi course.  Embarrassing.


Lap 20 - First time into Pit lane...Yoshi's pit crew is perfect and gets him back on course quickly.  Kirby has a quick change and vaults into third, breaking apart the all-Mario top 5 for now.


Lap 22 - Banjo is driving a really good race after driving poorly in qualifying, he's up into the top 10 now, running just behind Koopa Troopa and his teammate Conker.  Looking in at our featured teams, Fuzzer is struggling back in 24th place, though Daisy is running 4th.  Triforcemaster is running 16th at the moment while Zelda is 21st.


Lap 27 - A difficult ending for Edmond Honda, who saw his transmission unit malfunction.  He was struggling anyway, but still.


Lap 30 - Midway through the race, and Yoshi has led on his home track from wire to wire.  Behind him are Mario, Daisy, Koopa Troopa, Kirby, Luigi, and Conker in that order


Lap 34 - Big crash involving Bowser and Gary Oak.  They're both out of the race...Gary attempting to overtake Bowser on the tail turn and he simply ran out of room and took himself and the big turtle out.  Bowser not surprisingly goes to confront Gary in pit lane, setting off quite a verbal confrontation.


Lap 38 - The race has finally started to settle a little bit now.  They'll be headed into Pit Lane for the 2nd time shortly.  60 laps in the grand prix.


Lap 41 - Yoshi wanted to make a big opening statement and he's done it surely now...another perfect run through Pit Lane and he's well on his way to victory.  Disaster further back in the field for Donkey Kong, as one of his pit crew fails to re-put the lugnut on the tire properly.  He weaves haphazardly around for the next lap, falling into last place.  Ouch.  Of our featured teams, Fuzzer is 22nd, Daisy is 3rd, Zelda is 23rd, and Triforcemaster has driven very strongly the last few laps and is now up into 12th place.


Lap 48 - Not a lot happening now except for some close battles between 5th and 10th.  Yoshi, Mario, and Daisy are looking good for gold, silver, and bronze here.  Koopa Troopa is quite a ways back in 4th place, battling with Peach and Luigi for that spot.


Lap 60 - And that's a wrap...Yoshi takes the checkered flag on his home track and gets the 25 points for first place.  It's an egg-cellent end of the inaugural race.  Mario takes silver and 20 points, while Daisy gets bronze for 18.


Final Standings

1.Yoshi - 25 pts

2.Mario - 20 pts

3.Daisy - 18 pts

4.Luigi - 15 pts

5.Koopa Troopa - 12 pts

6.Peach - 10 pts

7.Kirby - 9 pts

8.Conker - 8 pts

9.Banjo - 7 pts

10.Triforcemaster - 6 pts

11.Fox - 5 pts

12.Krystal - 4 pts

13.Rosalina - 3 pts

14.Birdo - 2 pts

15.Diddy Kong - 1 pt



DNF - Captain Falcon, Sonic, Waluigi, Metaknight, Pit, Ash Ketchum, Edmond Honda, Bowser, Gary Oak

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Posted (edited)

Alright, here we go guys.


Well that’s 4 racers not needing to contend with now.


Stay close Daisy. I’ll try to join you eventually.


Oh wow. Talk about a dumb way to end your race early. I mean, you missed a turn and probably went for a drink in the water? Unbelievable.


Not a good race so far. Plus not having a good qualifying run didn’t help things either.


I think we got ourselves a rivalry about to begin now. And BMW Big Shot is out of the race with both drivers suffering DNFs.


Oh no. That’s not good at all. He’s probably going a lap down for that boo boo.


Tough race and not even a single point to show for it. Oh well. On to the next race next week.

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Posted (edited)

Shulk, just checking this out I suppose?


Just asking.


Edit: Here are the manufactures representing the teams once again:


1.Delta Sarasaland - Chevrolet

2.Petco Hedgehog - Honda

3.Jtekt Japan - Honda

4.Kroger Popstar - Ford

5.Amazon Plumber - Ford

6.Tesco Princess - Chevrolet

7.Corona Islander - Ford

8.CVS Fox - Chevrolet

9.Nasa Astronaut - Ford

10.Uber Lawyer -  BMW

11.Coors Koopa - Ford

12.Dole Banana - Chevrolet

13.BMW Bigshot - BMW

14.Kelloggs They’re Great - Ford

15.Emirates Skyworld - BMW

16.Target Thieves - Honda

17.Chevrolet Top Driver - Chevrolet

18.Sherwin Williams Hyrule - Honda


Here is the breakdown per manufacturer:


Ford: 6

Chevrolet: 5

Honda: 4

BMW: 3


With Yoshi winning for Corona Islander last night running Ford engines, Ford so far has one win as an engine supplier in the new MKRA season though it should be expected for the other three engine suppliers to have at least one win by the end of the season.

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A high ranking marketing executive for the MKRA recently told MK Business Daily that when it came time to seek team sponsors for the new teams this season, they had a rule not to sign a sponsor they felt was on their “last lap,” or about to close down.


Case in point: Toys R Us.


The exec said in the article:


”We have smart contacts in the US that helped guide us in the various deals and steered us in the right directions for many of the sponsors. In terms of retail, we were able to get Target and Amazon on board even though the former had some finance issues that got fixed thankfully and both companies are doing great financially.


When we had designs for possibly getting Toys R Us on board though, we were told about various reports saying they were in trouble and that if they went out of business during the season and sponsored a team, that team would lose it’s main income immediately and frankly, we don’t want to see an unsponsored kart on the track at all.”


Indeed the beloved toy chain and it’s financial woes did force them into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and caused stocks in toy companies like Hasbro and Mattel to drop and while the chain did say it planned to remain open on social media channels last week, liquidation sales could begin as early as this weekend, wrapping up before the start of summer.


”We sure dodged a bullet there,” the exec said. “It’s a shame that iconic companies you think could last forever eventually bite the dust but that’s business for you in a nutshell. As the saying goes: only the strong shall survive.”

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