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Fang and Bone – N4A Chat Thread, March 2018

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What's y'all's opinion of Fire Emblem Warriors?


I enjoyed Hyrule Warriors, btw. 


Edit: Fire Emblem fans still lurk here? Right? Right?

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3 hours ago, KefkaFFVI said:

What's y'all's opinion of Fire Emblem Warriors?


I enjoyed Hyrule Warriors, btw. 


Edit: Fire Emblem fans still lurk here? Right? Right?


If you liked Hyrule Warriors you'll like Fire Emblem Warriors too. All Musou games are so similar after all. The combat still has a pretty repetitive feel to it but it's always fun taking out hundreds of enemies in a single special attack. FEW adds a couple of useful features inspired by Fire Emblem too: the weapon triangle, so when you plan it right it's even easier to take down captains and bosses; and pair up, which has useful offensive and defensive bonuses.

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9 hours ago, fuzz said:

Congrats!! That's so awesome! How was the run to top 8? 

Thanks! Got in with... UR Delver! Let's see...


Round 1 -  2-1 Jund


Game 1 - Opponent swats away everything I do, sticks a Bob Lili Goyf and cascades a BBE into more value and I die.

Game 2 - Slowly grind my opponent away with the help of a topdeck Blood Moon, I don't remember this game well tbh.

Game 3 - I get an absolutely ridiculous opener - stuck a Delver turn 1 and flip it immediately, bolt his turn 2 and 3 bobs, Dispel his push, and draw about three more pieces of countermagic that deny him from doing anything. I thought I'd used up all my luck for the rest of the day tbh!


Round 2 - 2-1 Bant Spirits


Game 1 - I know my opponent well, he didn't think I was on Delver and kept a suboptimal hand against me. Flooded him out with Pyromancer tokens.

Game 2 - I have no idea what I kept but I didn't have any answer to his fliers and died in the air quickly. Proceeded to board out all my Delvers after this game for more interaction/removal.

Game 3 - An early Coco into Geist was quickly responded to with an Anger, clearing both boards. Stuck a Blood Moon and won.


Round 3 - 0-2 Abzan CoCo


Kinda salty at this matchup, I mulled to five game one and he combo'd to infinite life + scry turn 3, kept a questionable 6 game 2 and didn't draw any of my maindeck/sideboard removal. And it's a pretty good matchup for me %-wise I think!


Round 4 - 2-0 RG Eldrazi


...but where the RNG takes away, the RNG also gives. Game 1 I Shoal an early Obligator, bolt his bird and he gets stuck on 3 lands and dies. Game 2 I bolt both his dorks again and he never gets above 2 lands. Yay?


Round 5 - 2-1 Storm


I learned later this game was against a guy who made it into Day 2 of a Pro Tour, so even more stoked I won!

Game 1 I killed his mana dorks, countered a search and a ritual and killed him quickly. Game 2 I keep a cute hand featuring a Nimble Obstructionist and nothing else, but he gets off three(!) Grapeshots anyway on turn 5 or so. I had a feeling he fake boarded so put in more hate afterwards (and asking him after the match, my suspicions were correct). Game 3 I kill two mana dorks, counter another ritual and he fails to get the nut draw needed to stay in the game.


Round 6 - I.D. into top 8


After some paranoid double and triple checking I accept my opponent's draw offer. yaay top 8


Quarterfinals - 1-2 Abzan CoCo


Same opponent as from round 3. Game 1 I remove and counter everything he has and flip a Thing and kill him with it. Game 2 I get too cute, wait too long to flip my thing and forget Chord has the convoke mechanic... then I brick hard on game 3 and he combos to infinite life again. Oh well.


Totally feel like a better player than me would have made it into the finals too :P

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Vostok Inc is a nice little game....


Though it does seem to have some bullet hell shooter-like elements to it, which isn’t exactly my forte or a type of game I’m good at, but....


Looks like it’s another one to add to the Eshop wishlist either way


Also on that note, finally got my other Notepad-ed Eshop wishlists organized and synced up


Though I’m not entirely sure of all of them, there’s a decent amount that catches my interest


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Started playing The Flame in the Flood today and now I'm kind of obsessed with this song:



The game has been a lot of fun too. I died once when I came upon a boar and got hit a couple of times and didn't have the supplies to make a comeback, and one time I got really close to dying from sepsis but managed to find penicillin minutes before I would have died. Now I'm pretty well equipped and am really enjoying exploring, looting, and watching out for wolves.

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Anyone here from the very first insider familiar with the nin10doh chat site? A lot of OG Nsiders talked there but when I tried typing it the web server couldn't be found. Wondering if they changed names or closed down?

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