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The Old Tower - N4A Chat Thread, January 2018

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On 1/14/2018 at 6:03 PM, ace said:


Step 1) get rid of those pesky “hopes and dreams”

Step 2) practice kissing people’s asses 

Step 3) try not to kill yourself 


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Ended up Downloading Dragon Quest Builders just for the hell of it, and although i know nothing about the series, oddly enough DQB is quite nice as a game... I think i can get behind this


Though it's probably due to liking other Sandbox / open world buildy-type games like Minecraft or Creativerse


Although it doesn't make me have interest in playing the main series either way

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17 hours ago, Astlyr said:

i'll rip your dick off and throw it into the tall grass behind my house

You always were so good at identifying a man’s deepest, darkest fetish <3

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Those are always super relaxing - I always check out the creative tab on twitch when I'm randomly browsing. Doin' ok, at taco bell on my dinner break trying to escape my workplace lmao. We have a couple tournaments going on tonight so it's a good kinda busy, but it's nice to not be there for a little bit lol.

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