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Video Games Finished in 2018

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XLW's finished games of 2018.  



1) Console – 16
2) Handheld – 10
3) PC - 1
4) Mobile – 2
5) Overall – 29


1/23- Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for NS. 


I never really got into XCX as much as I did XC, so getting into the sequel of one of my favorite games wasn't easy. Although the combat changed a little bit because of the elemental powers and because of Blades (powerful beings that bond with Drivers, their mortal counterparts), it was still understandable on the way. I love the new characters and the new world, Alrest. And I even love the plot, even though it's confusing at times because of the matter of war and politics. Some other problems were the vocal synchs and some odd graphical glitches/loading things. But, add in some genuine funny and sad moments, a great soundtrack as usual, and some messages to think about, this game tops right up there with the first game. 


I don't know where this will fit into my Top 100. Even this is a game that I beat in 2018, I'll let it slide, and put it in my 2017 Top 100 List Edition. 


2/19- Doki Doki Literature Club for PC. 


The heck did I just play?!


2/25- Sonic Mania for NS. 


I myself never fully completed a classic Sonic game, so this was a new experience!  Even though I found some parts a little unfair, I loved the mix of old and new gameplay and levels.  I played as Knuckles, cause he’s awesome. I haven’t delved deep into this game, and I know I’m not hardcore and will get all the chaos emeralds. But, it’s a game by people who understand Sonic, and I loved the fact I played something they passionately worked on. 


2/26- Sonic The Hedgehog for DS. 


I just have to say it. This game is not good as I thought it would be. Some of the levels and obstacles do not complement Sonic's speed. Not only that, but it was hard to get Sonic's momentum rolling, especially since he didn't have the spin dash in this game. Also, the zones' three act structure wore off of me. On the other hand, all of the bosses were easy. Still, there's no Super Sonic in this version, which doesn't want me to get the shiny jewels. I love the music, though. Let's just see how better I do with the sequel. 


2/27- Sonic 2 for DS. 


A lot better than its predecessor, Sonic 2 is twice better than Sonic 1. Even though I didn't get the true ending, until like the very end, I had a fun time playing this game. The level design is a lot more complementary to Sonic's speed. The levels are a lot more memorable and fun to play on. I played as Knuckles, and I didn't on getting any of the shiny jewels. Still, it's now on my list of my favorite video games. I know Sonic 3... And Knuckles is a gigantic beast to cover. A lot of stages. 


I've been thinking of going back to other classic games with platformer elements for a while. I've played some of the first Donkey Kong, a little bit of Super Mario World, and a little bit of Mega Man X, and recently, I checked out Metroid: Zero Mission and Kirby: Super Star Ultra. Heck, I still own a copy of Sonic Advance 2. Not sure about 3D platformers yet, because I think I have poor depth reception. Why haven't I gotten to to them yet? I'm more proficient in RPGs, racers, and so on more than platformers. That, and I'm a casual. I don't know how, but Sonic 2 did it for me. 


3/1- Sonic 3 & Knuckles for DS! 


I beat both the Sonic and Tails & Knuckles routes. Really, this is the best game of the series. Fair and challenging.  


3/1- Sonic Advance 2 for GBA!


I never beat this as a kid, so replaying this game as an adult was... interesting. 


3/2- Sonic CD for iOS 


Although I did not get the good ending, I was a little taken aback by this game. Some of the levels are hit and miss, but I the boss ideas and the music. Though, I felt like the iOS controller was a little bit wonky at times.  


And that ends my fill of 18-Bit Sonic games. I might head off into Adventure 2, since that's probably the best of the Modern Sonic series. Although, Colors might be good too. None of the other stuff though, especially- 


Sonic Adventure- I'm having a hard time finding my identity. 

Sonic 06- Hold my beer! 

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric- Hold my bourbon, scotch, and beer! *plays George Thorogood riff*  


3/8- Sonic The Hedgehog for 3DS


I finished Sonic 1 3D for the 3DS. Thanks to the save feature, old obstacles were basically neutered. I even got all 6 crystals. Still, it doesn’t compare to the other Sonic games on the Genesis and CD. It’s no wonder only Green Hill was the only stage ever remade: the rest of the stages, sans Star Light, do not jive with Sonic. Water, slow platforming, horrible obstacles, traps, and bad enemies.  


3/8- Monster Hunter World for PS4 


Ever since my first time with the series since Freedom, I've been trying to beat the next few games. Portable 3 never came out in the US, I hated Tri, I never got into 3 Ultimate because of Portable 3, and I haven't had the time to really go into 4 Ultimate and Generations. I've played other games, and had to do other stuff. Plus, Monster Hunter was known for its long grinding haul. Plus, beating the game meant playing single player missions. These games are played better with other people. I had other games to play as well which took less time than most Monster Hunter games. Still, Ultimate 4 and Generations are really great games. 


So, I was happy when World was announced, and heard that it fixed most of my issues with the series. Monster tracking, the online components, how effective your attacks are, customization, the grinding and so on. I feel like it's the first accessible Monster Hunter game since the first game. Sure, it's just hunting monsters, and the story isn't anything to gawk about, but I always love trying to attack monsters and evade their attacks.  


Sure, there are a lot of things this game doesn't do right. Your companion, the lack of monster variety, and a camera jerk when tracking monsters. But, I don't care. Unlike the last few games, the pacing and flow felt natural to the series. And I like that it's an open world now, because I hated loading screens. Plus, new monsters are expected to come into the fray, thanks to new patches. There is a lot of potential for this game, and if there is more, more patches and possibly a sequel, I would welcome it. A series like Monster Hunter is expected to grow and adapt, especially if it's to cater to new and old players. It's not perfect, but the stepping stones for a brand new experience are in place for one of my favorite series. There is a bright future if Capcom plays their cards right. 


It's hard to say right now, but Monster Hunter World is a contender for one of the best games of this year.   


3/17- Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch. 


My second favorite Kirby game behind Robobot. 



3/25- Kirby's Dream Land 2 for GB. 


This time, I finally defeated the true boss of the game. I always went for the false ending, but this time I had to see how I could hold myself against both forms of Dark Matter, and how long I could get the Rainbow Shards. 


Like all Kirby games are supposed to be, I defeated it in a day. 


3/27- Super Mario Bros. (All-Stars) for Wii. 


It's a classic, but I feel like Mario's jumping and momentum is why I don't appreciate the game as I should. I love what the All-Stars version did in terms of presentation.  


3/30- Detective Pikachu for 3DS. 


Detective Pikachu is by far the best character out of this game. His antics and interactions with everyone make this game. But, I'm also glad that the people who made this knew what they were doing with the other Pokemon in this game, and to me, that really tugs at my heartstrings. It's kind of like PMD in that sense, but some humans complement the Pokemon too. I felt like the story was very well... until the very, very, end. The game is gorgeous, even if it looks weird at times, and the music, although atmospheric, does its job well for settling the mood. I got the Detective Pikachu amiibo, and my gosh is it big! It's perhaps as big as the Mega Yarn Yoshi one. While it doesn't have much perks, I'm glad I bought it, as I am a Pikachu fan. Back on track, the gameplay is simple, and doesn't get too complicated like most detective/mystery games. I'm a Phoenix Wright fan too, so my expectations for that kind of stuff didn't throw me off. 


Even though I love the combination of Pokemon and a mystery theme, this will take some time to process where, or perhaps if, this will be in my top 100 games. 



It really tugs at my heartstrings. It's kind of like PMD in that sense, but some humans complement the Pokemon too. I felt like the story was very well... until the very, very, end. The game is gorgeous, even if it looks weird at times, and the music, although atmospheric, does its job well for settling the mood. I got the Detective Pikachu amiibo, and my gosh is it big! It's perhaps as big as the Mega Yarn Yoshi one. While it doesn't have much perks, I'm glad I bought it, as I am a Pikachu fan. Back on track, the gameplay is simple, and doesn't get too complicated like most detective/mystery games. I'm a Phoenix Wright fan too, so my expectations for that kind of stuff didn't throw me off. 


Even though I love the combination of Pokemon and a mystery theme, this will take some time to process where, or perhaps if, this will be in my top 100 games. 


4/5- Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 



I'm not really a fan of Final Fantasy, but I do like what characters there are here, old and new. When I beat the game, I had Lightning, Cloud, Terra, Dark Knight Cecil (I have his other version too), and Warrior of Light. But, I have other characters from games I know of, like Lara Croft, Barusa from King's Knight, Glauca from XV, Vayne from XII, Gaffgarion  from Tactics, Kefka from VI, Garland from I, and the other Cecil from IV. There's about 1000 characters in the game, even if some of them... suck. Still, each character has a certain job too, like Elemental Archmage, Counsul, and Paladin. I found the gameplay to be engaging and interesting... though, some of the enemies I faced were clearly cheap at times. Mostly the bosses. I like the main trio of characters the game starts off with, even though i never really used them, unless it was getting lapis. Lapis, like orbs in FEH, do a lot, like restore character's health if they die, and expand character slots. There's even more than just the main story. Events happen occasionally too. I've done a few, but really wanted to get into the story more than just go side-questing. I've spent about six months... maybe... to beat the story... and it was a great story.  


To see if it would be in my top 100 is going to be interesting.  


4/6- Far Cry 5 for PS4 


It's going to be a while to dissect this game.


...I think it’s about good as 4. 


4/6- King of Fighters XIV for PS4.


I buttoned mashed, and I won the story fights within an hour. I looked up the tutorials after the fact. I was familiar with some characters, but not 75% of the rest. This was my first KOF game. I’ve played Tekken and Street Fighter games, so I wanted to branch out. I played this game a little confused. But... I enjoyed my hour of being lost. I main’d Ralf, Geese, and Terry, since I associated them with other stuff. Until the end, where I used Geese, Mai, and... I forgot. 


4/7- Dragon Ball FighterZ for PS4. 


I heard this was bigger than Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. I don't know about that... but this game is super-engaging. There's a story revolving around a new mysterious fighter, clones, and a soul merging inside fighters to make them stronger. A good story, but one that is not as epic as the usual Dragon Ball stories usually are. The music, locations, and character models are all top notch. Is a visual and audial pleasant game. The gameplay is deep and complex like games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. And, it borrows the tag team mechanic MvC is always known for. In the story, the enemies were either pushovers or spam-attackers. But with trial and error, I finally managed to beat this game. It currently has Bardock and Broly as DLC, and more are to come later. I don't know if this game will top my satisfying fill of Dragon Ball Budokai 3, the best Dragon Ball game ever, but it is a game that anyone can enjoy... but maybe mostly the competitive scene. There's an insane amount of combos one can pull with the right team.    


Right now, I think it's just as great as DBZB3! 


4/22- Final Fantasy III for DS. 


Last year, I played the first Final Fantasy on the GBA. I really liked it, and it's one of my favorite games of all time. Through a YouTuber, I stayed as far away as possible from II. So, the next game in line was obvious. 


In this story, four warriors, named Luneth, Arc, Ingus, and Refia, are bestowed upon the crystals of light to stop darkness from overtaking their world. It has the same story beats as the first game, but a lot more comedy and tragedy. The visuals of everything in this game are... decent. It's a DS game, so nothing's perfect. But, the music, even though it's not of high quality, does its job well, and I love a lot of the tunes that came from this game. The job system first arrived in this game, and although it's not perfect, I like the idea of changing into different classes. FFTactics did it better... But, I think I might like this game more in terms of the story, and simple gameplay. This game does a have a few problems. A nitpick is the obvious open-endedness of the world. I got lost a few times here and there. Second, some of the story beats and bosses require a certain job or condition in order to get farther in the game. Last... it took me about three in-game days to beat this game. The last fourth of the game is notoriously insane, and that's because... you can only save in the open world, not in towns or dungeons! And some of the bosses can wreck you up if you aren't prepared! I had a team of Ninja, Dragoon, Magus, and Devout. Not some of the best choices, especially since Summons were introduced in the game! Among the other new stuff in this game are the fat chocobos and moogles. It might not be perfect, but after I beat the last boss in the game, I felt accomplished!  


4/30- Final Fantasy IV for DS.


Although the remake was a bit hard at times, and the new active battle system was a little odd to get used to after I played FFI and III, I thoroughly enjoyed the story of IV's much more than III's. Though it does get rid of the job system of the last game, the characters here are more fleshed out. I love that the hero of the game, Cecil Harvey, is on the side of darkness at first, though his means do not reflect who he really is. He's a man who loves his kingdom and king, but recent events make him lose faith in his own king. After a disaster, he and his close friend, Kain Highwind decide that what the king is doing is wrong, and start a rebellion. Though, what happens afterwards becomes a lot more complicated. I love this story, because Cecil means to redeem himself, although not many people trust him at first because he was still responsible for some tragedies. The music is wonderful, and the places Cecil and co travel in are unique. Also... save states in dungeons finally start here! The last part of the last game was not really good because there was none. All you need is a tent! Not much has changed about combat, but the active battle system changes the momentum of your party and the enemy. It's not as relaxing as I and III, and it's a bit stressful when something bad happens. In the remake, it's easier to get hit and die a lot. I thought it was going to be a breeze, but nope. That goes for the bosses as well. A new thing about this game is the augment system. After certain events, the party can require abilities, and only one can be given to one unit. Still, one can only equip four abilities to a unit (you CANNOT get rid of ITEM, as you hate to say it). There are a lot of requirements to get these augments, so don't pass by the chance if you can. A lot of them are useful. I did, and it made some bosses harder because I was ill-equipped. I think I might like this game more than III. How it will stand against I in my preference... who knows.


I have VI on my virtual console, and I can't wait to play that. V goes back to the job system of IV... but I heard it's hard. After completing the DS remake of IV, I don't know how which will be. I plan on getting the GBA remake... the mobile ports are horrible.    


Edit: After thinking about it, I prefer I over IV. The active battle system is the major factor of my reasoning.  


5/7- Final Fantasy V for GBA. 


Going from a DS game to a GBA game felt a little bit... interesting. A young adventurer named Butts (what I called him in this game, because of the fan translations), and his chocobo happen to stumble upon Lenna, the princess of Tycoon, and an amnesiac old man, named Galuf. Lenna and Galuf need to go to the Wind Shrine, because it's about to shatter, and Butts tags along because he has nothing better to do. Along the way, they meet Faris, a pirate, who also joins their quest for an unknown motive. The story has some of the beats of the first and second game. It also some really good moments of humor and drama. The characters express these scenes for what the hardware can do. Some of the music is hit and miss, but the battle theme is great, the mountains theme is wonderful, and there is a certain boss theme that ROCKS.  The GBA ramps up the graphical detail of the SNES, and it's still visually wonderful. The gameplay borrows the ATB system of the last game (but I don't find it annoying as IV), and it also borrows the job system of III and brings in more classes. Each character can also get a secondary ability, and they're interchangeable between all classes. The jobs level up differently by using the ABP, or Ability Battle Point, system. By the end, Butts became a Mystic Knight that could use magic with his blade, Lenna became a White Mage that could cast two spells at a time, Galuf became a Blue Mage with the power of Summoning and powers he acquired by being hit by certain enemies and learning their loves, and Faris became a Ranger, able to use a bow but also had the ability to flee from battle. I loved MOST of these new jobs, but some of them do not work in the Final Fantasy setting. Berserkers and Dancers are my evidence here. Now, here's where it's about to get... difficult. This game is known to be difficult. Some of the enemies and bosses... are cheap. They throw random spells that OHK your characters using some interesting methods, like killing characters whose level is divisible by 5. If one is not prepared, they will use spells that will send one's team packing in moments. It's never fun. This game is not really difficult if one is prepared well enough with the right jobs and abilities, magic, weapons, and equipment. But, this game does have its moments of cheapness. I, III, and IV for sure had cheap moments, but not the extent V does it. I feel like the remake of IV is the hardest so far technically because it doesn't throw as much random unfairness V does. I found a really great place for getting money and ABP at a well-paced time, but after a while, I got bored of hearing the battle music and the dungeon music. I listened to another YouTuber play Final Fantasy, as I effortlessly won battle after battle against the hordes of enemies. That was the least I wanted to do in a game. But, leveling up the jobs and getting the money for new stuff took so much of a long time that I became bored a few times until I wandered into a new place with enemies that could kick my butt at any moment. Except for improving some core concepts from the games beforehand... this game does not shout anything INNOVATING. It's just expanding what worked in the last four games, while it brings nothing SURPRISING! Compared to the last three games I've played, that's a little bit disappointing. It's not going to be easy figuring if or where this game will be in my Top 100. Some of the stuff has been carried over from I-IV and improved, but some of the stuff that I've seen has been recycled and possibly has been done better in the other games.  


Finally, I'll come back to VI after years of a hiatus. I've played this game before, but haven't gotten to really enjoying it. The next game and VII are the best, the creme de la creme of the Final Fantasy games, and arguably the best games of all time. After VI, I'll tackle a game I haven't played in about 17 years. That's right. VII was a childhood memory I only have a few moments to remember it by.   


Edit: After some careful consideration... Even though it expands on somethings from the other games, comparing the story, the big bad guy, and the music to the other games I've played, it's just not as impactful. I've tried to not compare this game to the others to see how well it stands on its own, but that didn't help matters. Plus, getting bored is not my definition of fun, and this game does not bring anything FRESH. It's just stuff that's grown from the other games. This game will not be in my Top 100... Sadly.  


PSEdit: V's not bad as II, XIII, and VIII. But, I find it just mediocre. It has some great parts, but I cannot appreciate it like the rest I've played. 


5/18- Final Fantasy VI for SNES. 


I think I'm going to take a break from Final Fantasy until the VII remake comes out. I do not hate this game after playing the four games in a row, and the burn out did not really affect my time playing this game. Though... it did kind of sucked that I stopped playing the game for a while, and then came back around 3/4ths of the game, and forgot a good amount of details. Still, that will not impact how much I love this game. Terra, like Cecil, starts out on the wrong path unwillingly, but events finally turn her allegiance, and she helps a rebellious force take down the corrupt empire. She meets a quirky cast of characters, like Locke Cole, the leader of the Rebellion and a "treasure hunter." The story deals with a lot of drama, as not does Terra have to find her identity and purpose when she becomes good again, but many of the main cast goes through loss, heartache, pain, suffering and so on. It's not only a great story with how the story progresses, but it's also a well-balanced story of how each character has to cope with each of their problems. I love this attention to detail, because although one starts out as Terra, it's more of an ensemble piece. Unlike IV, where only a select few characters had a detailed backstory, most of the playable characters have a stake of what happens in this story. Of course, the greatest foil to all of them is Kefka, who is so far my favorite main antagonist. He's a killer mortal joker who does horrible and horrendous actions who wants absolute destruction and chaos, and only cares about himself. He does not want to rule the world and make the world dark. He's just out to be a sadist, plain and simple. No one, not even some of his "imperial co-workers" really like him. Although I thought IV DS and V were okay artistically, I love every single detail of the characters and locations, even though it was sometimes hard to distinguish stuff that was part of the environment or not. And need I say anything about the music, when the Opera song is one of the best pieces of gaming music history? It's perhaps my favorite of the games so far. I can relate to some of the stuff that most of the main characters go through, and being a theater geek, I loved both the complex and simple matters of this game. 


Remember when I gave V a hard time because it just expanded on some of the stuff III brought? Well... there are a few things this game really truly brought in terms of originality. Magicite are shards of espers, that not only summon said monsters, but allow a unit to gain an increase of one of their stats upon leveling up, and allow the unit their magic. A unit can learn fire from holding onto the Ifrit magicite and so on. Anyone can learn magic with magicite, including those not known for using magic traditionally, like thieves and monks. The system for getting the magic is similar to leveling up job classes in V, but only the magic can be learned. Espers are also very important to this game's story, and have a lot more significance here than in the last five games. 


Relics can do a multiple amount of stuff, like raise ATK and prevent a status effect to happen to a unit. One of the characters can learn abilities from monsters by "leaping at them", and who knows what else. That person goes into a Rage mode, and either can attack normally, or use any ability learned by the enemies he "joined". They cannot be controlled when in such a State.  


The one true new thing is swapping out party members. Some characters are better at handling some enemies more than others. Because each character is limited to one distinct role, and because Magicite doesn't seem to take more time to grind than the job leveling up system of V, I had a better time improving my team in this game more than V. Buuuut... this game has a lot more characters than V, so... It might be a tie in which one is more grind heavy. But, I think VI's battle theme is why I enjoyed the grind this time around. 


Until about 9/10ths of the game, I really loved this game's difficulty too. I say it's perhaps the best balance. The bosses for the most part were easy to deal with too. I didn't have a hard time like I to an extent, III, IV DS, and V. The last boss is what really threw me a curveball, but I eventually defeated them. 


I loved I for getting me into the series, but VI might be really special and better than it. The amount of detail to every single thing from story to gameplay is outstanding. VII's up next, but I might wait until the remake comes out, even though the combat's not like the original, and the remake is currently in development hell.


PSEdit: Oops, almost forgot about Magitek Armor!


5/23- Mega Man 1 (MMLC) for Switch. 


The fun thing about this game is abusing the heck out of the rewind button. Trial and error is next to obsolete when you have time-travelling deus ex manchina. I finished this game in about five hours... Though, I planned on playing it later on today because it was really, really into the night.  


With that said... Even with the rewind button aside, this game isn't perfect. The difficulty of almost all of the enemies, some cheap hazard placement, and Mega Man's slippery momentum at times bundled with his weight make this game ancient. But, I will complement Mega Man's ability to change weapons to suit any possible situation, the music, the visual feel, and the basic story (even though there's not a single sentence of dialogue or narration in the game, you still have some kind of idea by beating these other robots; they are bad, you have to stop them). The first game does have its merits in video gaming, and it shows, even though some of the stuff it has should not work in today's world of video gaming. 


But, here's to playing what is considered to be the best of the Classic games: 2.  


PSEdit: After thinking about it carefully, this game was close to being in my top 100.  


5/23- Mega Man 2 (MMLC) for Switch 


A lot better than Mega Man 1 for sure. The story takes place after 1, and Dr. Wily has built eight robot masters to ensure his world domination! With the help of Dr. Light again, Mega Man takes off. But, I really love the intro scene to the game, as it goes from part of a skyscraper, to Mega Man being on the roof. And the music... oh soon good. What they did for the soundtrack is WONDERFUL. Dr. Wily Fortress 1-2 is some of the best pieces of video game music history! LOVE IT! And I think they did a lot better with visual flair too. The gameplay is about the same. The best part is acquiring new weapons, especially the most OP of his career: THE METAL BLADES! They don't take much energy, and they can be shot in eight angles. No other weapon can touch it! And, I used the replay button less because the difficulty wasn't too absurd (even though I played U.S. hard.) Still, it's not as bad as 1 when difficulty comes to mind, as well as hazards. Sure, there's still the same problem with Mega Man's movements, and there are some hazards and enemies and bosses that drove me nuts. It's just not as problematic as 1's. E-Tanks got their first start here, so Mega Man can replenish health more. They especially helped at the end of the game. 


I hated about half of Mega Man 1 for a lot of reasons, but it seems most of the problems were fixed in 2. It's considered to be the best of the classic series for good reasons, even though some make a case for 3 too. I haven't played 3, so I do have work to do as well.  


It might be on my top 100 so far.  


PSEdit: It is!


5/24- Mega Man 3 (MMLC) for Switch.  


Although I loved the set-up to 2's story, this one is much better. This time, Dr. Wily helps build a robot with Dr. Light. However, eight robot masters have gone maverick again, and it seems a new shady robot with a catchy whistle theme is behind it all. Once again, you must save the day. The music and visual set-pieces are fantastic as always, though I think 2's is miles better, but the levels complement the robot masters a bit more here. Game-play has gotten a bit better thanks to Rush, Mega Man's new robo-dog companion, and the slide feature, though it does not helped it's mapped to the same button as the jump button. The weapons can never hold a candle to 2's, but Shadow Blade is the closest thing to Metal Blade.  Had to do a lot of rewinds because of that. I think 3 is perhaps easier than 2, except for the 2/3rd part of the game and for good reason.  


Mega Man 3 is great. Mega Man 2 set a high bar however that made future sequels hard to contend with it. I think 3's just as great as 2. It will be a hard time determining which is better.  


5/30- Super Street Fighter II (SF 30th) for Switch. 


Ow... my hands. I love each of the characters, stages, and music, but I have the worst luck pulling off special attacks and the like. I tried to get into Super Turbo, but the speed and the random AI made me quit that. I would've gotten to Akuma if the enemies weren't so unpredictable and cheap. I think Ultra Street Fighter IV is better when it comes to fairness. I know the SFII series are some gems of the video game history because of the button layout, combos, and so on. The problem is is that this game requires more than ordinary reflexes and skills. Something my left thumb can attest to. 


5/30- Street Fighter Alpha 3 (SF 30th) for Switch


Even though the last series was a bit harder to work with in the case of input commands and hard and random AI, here it felt a lot more responsive. This time, I played as Akuma. He's amazing. The music and locations might not be as recognizable as II's, but it's still great. Heck, this is chronologically the first game in the series, so it shouldn't feel this great. And I love the characters in this game as well. The new special moves are mind-blowing too, and if a fighter hits their target when the target's life is ending, the following movements feel cinematic. And until maybe the end boss fight with M. Bison, I had a better time playing this game. It's definitely more fun for me, and even though II is a household name for what it did back then, this game feels like a natural progression for the series. Now, here's to SFIII 3rd Strike! 


5/31- Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (SF 30th) for Switch 


I think I like Street Fighter Alpha 3 more when it comes to controls, music, characters. The graphics seem better here though. I know this game introduced Ibuki, Alex, Makoto, Urien, Elena, Yang, Yun, and Dudley, but that's more than half of the new cast that I know well, and the returning roster seem week in comparison. And, I swear the speed is somewhere between the II and Alpha series. That's why I love Ultra Street Fighter IV the most, and why it's the only one on my favorites list. It has all of the cast of II, most of the cast from Alpha 3, and 1/2th of the new cast from Street Fighter III, as well as new characters to boot. And the roster alone is why I haven't picked up Street Fighter V AE. Sorry, but compared to Alpha 3 and Super Street Fighter II, this game is perhaps my least favorite. 


None of these three games will be on my favorites list, although Alpha 3 came really close, but that's because I don't have much of a personal history with Street Fighter compared to Tekken. Tekken 3 was my first fighting game, and because of an interesting story, I still treasure it to this day. That's not to say these three games are horrible. It's just that I grew up with a variety of games, and I usually don't go for the fighting genre. I'm just happy that this collection I got exists, and there may be more people who enjoy the chaos of II, the thrill of Alpha, or the freshness of III. 

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Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend

A Hat in Time 



Heavy Rain 

Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology


Warioland 4 - I'm a bit late posting this, but I went through this old favorite again with a friend who'd never played it before. Warioland 4 holds up after all these years, and there's still nothing quite like it. There's a real adrenaline rush to going through a level grabbing treasure, hitting a frog switch, and rushing to the exit before the level implodes, and all of the physical comedy and visual gags throughout the game still make me laugh. 

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- Yoku's Island Express (Switch)
Really adorable game, and a unique combination of pinball and Metroidvania exploration. Definitely one of the eShop highlights of the year so far. [image]
- West of Loathing (Switch)
Really didn't know what to expect when I first saw a trailer for this but I loved it, the humor is actually spot on and it's a solid RPG to boot. [image]
- Owlboy (Switch)
I feel like this game got totally overhyped for me. It was still good but the flaws really jumped out at me. [image]
- The Alliance Alive (3DS)
Thankfully this fixed the biggest annoyance of Legend of Legacy, the magic system, but there are still a few other small issues carried over. [image]
- The Fall (Switch)
I wanted to replay this after playing The Fall: Unbound (although I suppose I should have played it beforehand). Still a really enjoyable sci-fi adventure game; I didn't remember all of the puzzle solutions perfectly so there was still a bit of challenge in replaying it. [image]

C : 59

H: 6

P: 0

M: 0

O: 65

Challenges: 19 points

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Posted (edited)

Finished both Bloodstained Curse of the Moon on Switch and Final Fantasy VII at 100% with all 36 steam achievements as of yesterday.  Its been taking me a long time get through games this year with our recent move but I did just blast damn near 300 hours or so into FFVII.  Progress is progress.







O: 5


2018 games beaten:


1. Tales of the Abyss (3DS)  (2/6/2018)

2. Bravely Default (3DS) (3/12/2018)

3. Donkey Kong Country (SNES Mini) (5/8/2018)

4. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (Switch) (6/20/2018)

5. Final Fantasy VII (PC/Steam) (6/20/2018)



Screenshot (2).png

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- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES Classic)
Glad I had a chance to replay this on the Classic since I haven't played it in years. In fact I'd forgotten how short/easy the game is—not in a bad way, but it really does feel like a simplified version of FFIV or VI starring Mario and friends. [image]
- Figment (Switch)
Love the surreal art style in this game, and the weirdly charming songs/rhyming. Has some rough edges but overall a solid action/puzzle game. [image]
- Battle Chasers: Nightwar (Switch)
I hope more people give this RPG a chance! It's pretty challenging but a lot of fun. I appreciate an RPG where you have to pay attention in every battle and actually put some thought into your strategy. [image]
- Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido (Switch)
A pretty unique take on puzzle games like Puzzle League or Puyo Puyo. The game never really grabbed me fully but if it did there's enough content here to keep one occupied for weeks. [image]
- Call of Duty: Black Ops III (PS4)
It's kind of impressive how much it feels like Call of Duty hasn't changed at all. The jumping/special powers add a little novelty but the core mechanics genuinely feel the same as the games I played 10+ years ago, and that's not really a compliment. [image]

C : 64

H: 6

P: 0

M: 0

O: 70

Challenges: 19 points


Also, a question for @Gold: Would you consider the Splatoon 2 DLC, Octo Expansion, as a separate beaten game? I only ask because it's pretty long (80 levels) and is actually pretty comparable to the main game's story mode in length.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Eliwood8 said:
Also, a question for @Gold: Would you consider the Splatoon 2 DLC, Octo Expansion, as a separate beaten game? I only ask because it's pretty long (80 levels) and is actually pretty comparable to the main game's story mode in length.

My stance on DLC is normally no, but in this case, I will say yes.

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06/10 -- Metroid (Wii VC)


Even though I own the NES cartridge, was feeling lazy enough on this day to NOT set the NES up.   This run  was not on Game Plus either.   It was started from scratch.   Gitting gud at bomb jump to reach the varia suit without getting  high jump boots first in Norfair goes a long way.   In the past, I've actually beaten Metroid without ever acquiring the high jump boots at all, but on this particular run I still went and grabbed them before Kraid's lair, because without them that long, arduous climb out of Kraid's area with the mile-high stack of crumbling blocks is a disaster waiting to happen.  Anyone who's familiar with this game should understand what I'm talking about.      Kinda wish I'd snapped a shot of the start of the game too just to prove that it wasn't a game-plus run.  But I know it's not required, and besides,   I'm hoping to do it again here in a few and record an LP;   mainly just to get some practice in at using Elgato capture card's software and posting videos before taking on my BOTW LP, which will--obviously--be a much larger endeavor.   I'll add a link to this post once that's done. 



Gold (Worth 5 points)

2) Justin Bailey – Get the fastest ending in Metroid


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- Runbow (Switch)

It's a little disappointing that Satura's Space Adventure isn't included in the base price (for the digital version) but otherwise this is still the fantastic Runbow that we know and love. Seriously if you haven't bought a version of it yet, go for it. [image]
- Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion (Switch)
A lot of really fun ideas in these levels (and a few tedious ones). I'd also read that, based on some digging into the game's code, the 8-ball concept might have originally been a Ranked mode that was scrapped. It'd make sense, though I'm not sorry that it was scrapped (seems like it'd be even more chaotic than a typical Rainmaker match). [image]
- Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4)
Spent my 4th of July killing Nazis. This was a pretty solid action/shooter, though some of the shootout scenes were just a little too chaotic in my opinion—even on normal difficulty the heavy enemies are bullet sponges, but when you peek out of cover you get shredded instantly. Still, it was a lot of fun, and gory and bloody. [image]
- Wulverblade (Switch)
Another one of those games that emulates too much bad old game design. Moving is so choppy and oftentimes two enemies is enough to stun-lock you into massive damage. Still, I enjoyed all of the details about historical Britain, though it ends up being quite a lot to read. [image]
- Absolver (PS4)
I played enough to finish the "story" content and…meh. The game never clicked with me, it just felt like awkward, unsatisfying combat mechanics. I can see how it might be more interesting if you put a lot of time into perfecting the mechanics though. [image]

C : 69

H: 6

P: 0

M: 0

O: 75

Challenges: 19 points

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One game I finished this year that gets next to no attention and is extremely obscure is Lifesigns: Surgical Unit, a surprisingly good game realized during the peak of DS visual novels. 


Lifesigns definitely has the nostalgia factor of games like Phoenix Wright but I wouldn't simply call it a mix of that and Trauma Center.  Not only did Lifesigns almost entirely inspire Trauma Center but it's a great game in its own right, with a strong emphasis on relationships between characters while almost completely resisting the urge of falling into dating sim territory.  What I appreciated most about it was all the detailed medical lingo, and I actually learned a lot about surgical medicine while playing.  Not exactly useful for me, but the more you know... I like learning from my games.  Sometimes the surgeries felt like Cooking Mama mini-games, which is the risk of really any medical simulator game, but the tone, context and characters were deep enough to sustain the illusion of an operation.

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Games Beaten:

Hollow Knight on Switch


Really enjoyed this game, but that ending...  87% complete and did it on my own without having to look at any guides. I know where more stuff can be.  Very rewarding to explore and find the hidden secrets.


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