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Potential IPs resurrection?

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12 hours ago, avalonknight said:

Another Crystal Chronicles title, as flawed as that subseries is.

First one is really good. Lot of fun with a couple friend. Only it was a pain to set up. Imagine it with online.

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I found this title of this thread interesting so here goes:


Mario Bros.

--Update the original Mario Bros game with new enemies and maybe more pipes and upgraded layouts.


Wrecking Crew.

--The concept and the level creater would be great for the Swithc's coop multiplayer set up as well as being there for sharing levels online or online coop.


Battle Lode Runner

--would be a good puzzle game series to be resurrected.


Adventures of LoLo

--same as above.


F Zero

--Would probably be MORE game for full blown new title but wouldn't mind a SNES styled smaller entry.  Either way, it needs to have online racing.



--I loved the VC  versions I have via Wii and 3DS and I think a new entry in the series would be great for puzzle game fans.


Yoshi's Cookie

--Would love to see this game get a upgrade.


ExciteBike or its derivatives of Truck and Bots

--Bike could be along the lines of the NES/WiiWare version of the game with online racing

--Bike 64 version could be cool, a 3D racer with dirt bikes back in the series.

--Truck and Bots would make for great online racing and with the way those were set up there are plenty of ways to adapt that game to the Switch with motion or standard controls.






Donkey Kong?

--Going back to the formula of the original NES game and not all the Minis and what not stuff.

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