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Super Mario Odyssey

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Oh man I am effing hyped to the max and ready to go. I'll either wait or just got to the midnight launch at my Best Buy to get the game. The amiibo I have pre ordered at GameStop but its located inside the mall so I doubt it'll be open. The Collector's strategy guide I have at Amazon which should ship whenever. dang if I go at midnight I may not be able to play because I have work at 6am. 

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My only Switch game is still BOTW after five months (and still playing). I'll probably get Odyssey someday when I've got more cash, and until then feel guilty for covering the song on YouTube but not playing the actual game.

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I'm gonna pick up Odyssey tonight at 9, since that's when midnight is for the east coast. Then I plan on taking my Switch with the game during the trip down to Disneyland this werkend, which the Switch battery life will probably die before getting to the hotel. 


Unrelated, I feel bad for not being more active because of forgetting my password and being too lazy to reset the password.



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The Fuel



Wearing this to the midnight launch (hey, only red shirt I really got lol..plus Canes @ Leafs tonight and there is a chill in the air here)




Getting the game and all 3 amiibos @ BBY on PO.... possibly double dipping on the amiibos if the opportunity presents itself.


Going to play on my big tv once I get home.

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3 hours ago, Isotope said:


I’m either going to be able to pick it up tomorrow or Tuesday. Fingers crossed my plans work out tomorrow so I can pick it up. 🙏


Bruh, its a 2014 tweet....  C'mon maaaaaaaaaaaaaan





Just moved my Switch over to my 50" tv for a more immersive first time out with the game.





Canes ROMP the Leafs so Mario Red should be having good mojo.... now I just need BBY to scan off my game and amiibos....  I know you're in that store prepping for 12am.... I know you are there.... scan my sh* already >_>

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Well, @ my BBY, I was #3 in line ...first two guys were there around 9:30pm and were playing Mario + Rabbids coop on a Neon Switch.  I joked with them that I didn't think I'd be three, much less the first three people in line would only be here for SMO.  I got there around 10:40.  The next guy got there about 5m after I did.  He was a SMO purchaser as well.  He and I played some MK8DLX local and all of us chatted up about games.  A girl/woman came up as #6 to the line but she was chilling with music in her headphones and didn't really talk at all.  #7 came up and was a guy and stood with the first 5 and we all were talking Nintendo games, games in general, how great 2017 has been for games et. all.  We got let in about 15m before 12am and proceeded to do the deed(s).  One guy was getting a Switch bundle and amiibos,  the others for SMO were just game and amiibos.  With the ease of effort I also got 3 pack to go along with my individuals on the amiibos.  The poster was pretty nice and while my pic is fuzzy (I'll do better shots later) the Cappy Coin was pretty nice too.  The girl was picking up Assasins Creed on XBX.  After about 10m went buy after 12am another 4-5 people showed up to get whatever they were getting.




Sorry the pics are so dark but here is my haul--I'll try to get better lit ones later on Friday afternoon.





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Well, at my quitting time I had Done Cappy Kingdom and Cascade Kingdom with a passage to the next kingdom open for me to visit but didn't go there.  I did a lot in Cascade Kingdom with 8 Moons  and 47/50 purple coins.


General impressions so far:


Love the music.

Love the sound effects.

I have enjoyed the two bosses so far.

I liked the ricocheting Chain Chomps for stuff.

8 Bit levels are fun.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO  MUCH hidden stuff although the looking isn't hard, but you have to look.... and then you find stuff once you know what to look for.

Stomping around as a T Rex was quite satisfying although the area was tight to work with.

I am of the opinion some moons didn't show up till I got some moons first, or did an activity to make them generate as I had traveled that path already but didn't see the moon.


The only thing I haven't figured out yet how to do is the jump off the cap when tossed out... like if you wanted to toss out, jump off, keep jumping off the tossed cap... I just haven't been able to make that work.







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5 minutes ago, alienboyva said:

I wanna hear Toad sing the ARMS theme next. bigsmile;


DO IT, NINTENDO! coolkong;

^YOUTUBE, you know what to do.


But you know what, I'd literally die if Toadette sang the Jump Up, Super Star song.  Cuz she is my BAE.


I want that version now!!!

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