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Could a Game Boy Classic Edition be on the way?

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Nintendo has filed for a trademark for the Game Boy that seems to point to a Game Boy Classic Edition...



Link to Article: https://gonintendo.com/stories/292288-nintendo-grabs-game-boy-image-trademark-for-use-with-merchandise


I'd kinda like to see a Game Boy Classic Edition. Though, would it have a monochrome screen like the original or a color screen for GBC games? Personally, I think it should have a color screen with screen filters like on the 3DS VC when playing GB games. Also, it'd be cool if it could hook up to your TV and you can use any wired (USB/Wii CC) or Bluetooth Nintendo controller (would come with a USB adapter for Wii CC controllers). 

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Makes me wonder what direction they might go with it.  Do they recreate the original, green screen and all?  Or do they at least hit up GBC and maybe sometime after introduce GBA?  I'm sure nostalgia types would be all over an original GB but it's hard to imagine that it would be a big sell if they kept that whole setup intact.  For authenticity sake it might be the way to go but at least rolling with GBC would have a bit more appeal and they could expand the library of worthwhile titles as well.


I dunno, maybe I'm just rambling here.


EDIT:  Better yet, got the GBC route with the option to switch back and forth between the monochrome and color.  Although I totally forgot about GBPocket, so would they go with the green tinted screen or the more grayscale (I guess that's the word I'm looking for?) style that GBPocket had for the classic tint.

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There are definitely a lot of questions to be answered here if we are getting a Game Boy Classic.

-Will it include Game Boy Color games?

-Will Game Boy games allow you to have GBC/GBA palettes?

-Will Game Boy games allow you to have Super Game Boy palettes?
-Will it connect to the TV?

-Is Pokemon included, and if so, how will it work?  Will it include both Red and Blue?  Yellow?  If Color games are included, Gold and Silver?  Crystal?  That's 4-6 games right there.  Will it be able to connect to other Game Boy Classics?  Will you be able to transfer to Pokemon Bank?
-How many games?  I think if they're including Color games, I think it has to be 30.  20 would be too little, especially if you include multiple versions of Pokemon.  Color doesn't really have enough games on its own to warrant a standalone Game Boy Color Classic.
-Tetris?; Or will there be some licensing bullshit that stops it?

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Pretty good video IMO




Worst case, GB and GBC.  Maybe the Super GB for SNES upgrade abilities?


I wonder what price point ... and game amount they'd look at...


Because, I think the GBA is in play too....   And if you do GB and GBC.... you should probably go ahead with the GBA lineup as well.


The catch(es) will be:


1) Portable only?


2) TV up-scaling for GB and GBC?


3) If portable, screen size.... screen color(s) ..... resolution....  modes for trim on a widescreen display

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Maybe I'm in the minority here, but at this point, I'd really kind of like it if they'd quit with these nostalgic novelty items and just make some kind of retro master system, with an entire team dedicated to the development of its hardware, as well as its emulator. Perhaps I have nostalgia deficiency disorder or something, but the only thing I find interesting about a miniaturised retro console that only plays a limited, pre-installed library of games without intrusive modifications is the emulation quality.


Presuming that they do this with their entire console line-up sans the Virtual Boy and other stuff that failed miserably, and assuming that each are sold at a USD$79.99 price point, that's...USD$639.92 over time. I'm accounting for the following:

  • NES
  • SNES
  • N64
  • GCN
  • Wii
  • GBC
  • GBA
  • DS

Let me know if I missed any, but even with just that, the total price exceeds that of the standard editions of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined--and it can at least be said that buying the latter lands you two full generations of both physical and digital backwards compatibility.


If any company has written the book on selling our childhoods back to us, it's Nintendo, and I understand the general concept isn't new, but this is, frankly, reaching ridiculous heights. I don't mind paying or re-paying a small price for Virtual Console titles--especially when there are some I've never played--but I'd really appreciate it if they stopped meandering and get down to business on two things for the Switch or some all-trades retro machine:

  1. A damned good-quality emulator.
  2. Gamecube games.

I'd be willing to pay one more time for these games if they get it right this time, but I am not paying for the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh generations--only partially delivered--all over again; I don't care how cute it is, or whether or not save states are included. It's high time they figured this out.

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Personally, I think they should stop with the SNES Classic. Maybe do a N64 Classic, but I feel that would cost too much (more than the NES/SNE Classics), given that most people will want 4 controllers (most likely it will come with only one, with more to buy separately and we all know what happened with NES Classic controllers and scalpers), and the rumble pack. If they choose to include it, do they make it permanently attached? Oh...and would they even be able to get the Rare games from Microsoft? If they did they'd have to pay quite a bit, which would drive up the cost of the N64 Classic.


Also, I personally rather have these little VC boxes (Classic Editions) instead of downloading VC games on various Nintendo Systems, mainly because you can use reproductions of actual controllers that are basically the same as the originals, since they're from Nintendo and their easy to break out for some quick classic gaming goodness. ...But yeah, I really feel they should stop at the SNES. I also feel it's going to get a bit ridiculous and if they keep pumping these out every year or so, it would be too soon for something like a Wii  or DS Classic Edition.


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It would be a trivial operation to release a wireless NES and SNES controller, with a standard micro-USB or USB type-C for charging, that could be synced with a modern console.


...Actually, now that I think about it, they could do this with fucking GameCube controllers and eliminate the need for an adapter with ports all together.

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To address some points brought up in the last two posts...


The "Classic" System line: where do you draw the line?

-I don't know the real answer BUT with the Switch being portable and home console then there is NO REASON GB, GBC, SGB, and GBA games don't get a "Switch VC" release.

-I don't know about the real answer but with the Switch being a portable and a home console then what are their plans about N64, GC, Wii, and WiiU games?

*The Switch's controls might make N64 games odd.

*How do the Switch JCs work with the Wii's Wiimote and Wiichuck set up for motion controls?

*I don't currently see how GC games would be a issue unless there are some sticklers with the L and R triggers.


With the Switch and the 3DS/2DS in the market and a eShop up and running for each what is the point in offering such a portable with a limited game count, most likely a smaller screen, and depending on pricing, a true value to the customer?  Who would fork out cheese for a black and white/monochrome screen only?  If you go color then there would be no excuse to go all the way up and down the GB line of systems for games from across all its iterations.


Putting these out "NOW" with still no locked down game plan shown to consumers about the Switch VC, the paid online free game bonus for NES and SNES titles, how the Arcade Classics play into the offerings....  there are more questions than answers on that end.  In other words, why buy the collectible clone case if you can get the games on next gen hardware and still be able to play anywhere?



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I thought about it a bit, and as far as what games would be on this thing...again, GB has a decent catalog on its own, while GBC doesn't really have enough to stand on it's own.  My guesses would be something like:

Game Boy only:


1.  Super Mario Land
2. Super Mario Land 2
3. Mario's Picross
4. Wario Land
5. Wario Land II
6. Balloon Kid
7. Donkey Kong '94
8. Donkey Kong Land
9. Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters
10. Metroid II: Return of Samus
11. Kirby's Dream Land
12. Kirby's Dream Land II
13. Pokemon Red Version
14. Pokemon Blue Version
15. Dr. Mario
16. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
17. Wave Race
18. Game & Watch Gallery 2
19. Mega Man World V (I went with V because it is the most unique of the 5 Game Boy Mega Man games)
20. Gargoyle's Quest
21. Castlevania: The Adventure
22. Kid Dracula
23. Wario Blast feat Bomberman
24. Final Fantasy Adventure
25. Harvest Moon GB
26. Tetris
27. Operation C
28. Bionic Commando: Elite Forces

I don't know, I can't think of solid enough choices to make it an even 30.  Maybe something random like Mole Mania, even though I don't know if it's any good, or Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge.  Or just throw on Pokemon Yellow.  Honestly not even confident Game Boy Classic would even get 30 games.

Japan would probably get Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru, and maybe X, Game Boy Wars, or Card Hero.

Game Boy and Color together:



Game Boy:
1.  Super Mario Land
2. Super Mario Land 2
3. Mario's Picross
4. Wario Land
6. Donkey Kong '94
7. Donkey Kong Land
8. Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters
9. Metroid II: Return of Samus
10. Kirby's Dream Land
11. Kirby's Dream Land II
12. Pokemon Red Version
13. Pokemon Blue Version
14. Dr. Mario
15. Mega Man World V
16. Gargoyle's Quest
17. Castlevania: The Adventure
18. Kid Dracula
19. Wario Blast feat Bomberman
20. Final Fantasy Adventure
21. Tetris
Game Boy Color:
22. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

23. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

24. The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
25. Wario Land II
25. Wario Land 3

26. Pokemon Gold Version

27. Pokemon Silver Version
28. Game & Watch Gallery 3
29. Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (aka Metal Gear Solid GBC) (This is a dream addition that probably won't happen.)

30. Harvest Moon GBC

I cut Balloon Kid and Wave Race.  RIP.

Other candidates would be Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Pokemon Crystal, Mario Golf GBC, Mario Tennis GBC.
Another dream addition would be Shantae, but unlikely.



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