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Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

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8 hours ago, fuzz said:

Lol that's awesome dude! I still don't even know what your deck is 😂


First tournament in a format is always stressful, but getting reps in online helps so much


want another game this wednesday? :P

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5 hours ago, fuzz said:

How is everyone tonight?

Going to listening to music on youtube until castle comes on tv.  "was wachting castle" y;   "is sleeping" lzzz;

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1 minute ago, The Moon said:




Just mobile though. Don't know how this affects your excitement.

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Saw the back of my 3DS was bulging so I rushed over to the dollar store to get a screw driver. I knew my battery needed to get replaced but I hoped it wouldn't get like this. Does anybody know if I can still play my 3DS without the battery so long as I keep attached to the charger?

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5 minutes ago, Schmengland said:

Should, if it works at all like a laptop.

Nope, just tried it, doesn't work.


Guess I'll just play on my GBA until the battery arrives.

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