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Bonneton - N4A Chat Thread, October 2017

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10 hours ago, Kirbymeister2 said:


 Y'all are stupid. 











I agree.  It's important to be responsible and stay hydrated.  Flavored water like Bud Light feels weird sometimes, though.


As for actual alcoholic drinks, anyone who says standard, 5-year Jameson is the best whiskey ever probably hasn't tried enough whiskey to be able to have an opinion on it.  Jameson does put out some good stuff (albeit overpriced because they're a big name and can get away with it), but any liquor commonly used in mixed drinks (except maybe gin because even the best gin will be used in gin & tonics) is nowhere near deserving of the title, "best whiskey available".


I've never been able to do straight liquor no matter how hard I try, but I can do a good whiskey on the rocks.  My go-to drinks tend to be Guinness and Jameson & ginger ale.

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*good* beer, wine, gin, vodka, spiced rum all work for me. Though due to recent life circumstances I tend to have mediocre beer more often than not now.

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I am at the last boss battle of Superstar Saga+ Bowser's Minions. Although it's been 13 years of bad memories, can I truly beat this game now? Wish me luck!  


I never liked this final boss. It was cheap and unfair then, and I don't expect it to be now. Heck, I even say that I had closure with the other games, even with their insane gimmicks and last game bosses! Somehow, I still have this last boss taint my memories of this game. 



I refuse to give a real honest review of that game until I beat it. The scars of this last boss will heal eventually. 

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16 minutes ago, Tyranogre said:

OF COURSE Shadow is Hot Topic exclusive. Of course.


 Well one of them is.


 Also Hot Topic has been doing this weird gaming thing since I dunno when



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My ex-roommate really enjoyed mixing Crown and Coke. It really was his life relaxant or...whatever. And he often kept the little pouches in which the Crown came.


I never tried it because alcohol has tasted like shit to me in nearly all the instances in which I've tried it. The only alcoholic drink I've ever enjoyed was a sangria. Emphasis on the fact that it was a sangria--I can start on a second, but I doubt I will finish it. At some point, the fruity flavour gives way to the strong nothingness that is the alcohol content, and I either don't have enough sorrows in my shit life to drown, or they are too obstinate to be quenched this way.


But I will try things. The very first thing I shot was Fireball. I swear that it damn near destroyed my esophagus, but I somehow downed it. Yeah, not doing that again.


Last thing I tried was a shot of Jaegermeister. I--perhaps wisely--chose not to cycle to my aunt's house that night. My first tipsy, I think? I dunno. I was certainly more light-headed than usual. Also a thing with which I probably won't bother again, but there ya go.


It seems I prefer fruity things because I'm a cute, pretty girl like that or...something.

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On 10/18/2017 at 6:44 PM, Tyranogre said:

Alcohol tastes like shit.


The only reason people drink it is to fit in with all the cool kids.

my guy I'm a sober individual and even I know that's not the case


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Fruity drinks are delicious though. The few times I've tried em, had whoever I was with not told me they were alcoholic, I hardly would have noticed for some of em.

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3 hours ago, ace said:

I received a MacBook Pro as a graduation gift from high school in 2011. Last night she finally gave up the ghost. Thanks for 6.5 years of solid service.  




Condolences. :( That's the same computer that I have. Doubt I'll still be using it this time next year.

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