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Your Latest Purchase Thread


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Man.... where to begin.... let's say wants, necessities, and reality hit all at the same time....


43 Sony 4K tv (replacing 32" lcd)

2 Rokus

WiFi extender/access point (needed a boost to run some streaming services in a downstairs room)

assorted cables to hook up gear

tv base, since modern tvs apparently don't use pedestal bases anymore and use feet >_>

A good group of BRs to watch

Disney+ and ESPN+ added to my streaming services

NSO Expansion Pass

Crap load of of groceries for Thanksgiving....


...talk about blowing your wad....



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Lucked out on Walmart's site and got the complete series of Quantum Leap for around $10. Been wanting it for a long time so I'm glad that I could get it. 


Woot. Just got the complete edition of Digimon Cyber Sleuth. Had the first game for my Vita... but the eshop had a very good deal on it. Only $14.99. So I got it for the Switch. So now I have both it and Hackers Memory. Also got the Castlevania Anniversary Collection for $4.99.

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