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So now that I've got my gaming PC, I realized I needed a mic to just chat with my friends while I play Overwatch and Gears 4 and such. Yesterday I initially went to Fry's to pick up the Logitech G430 headset, but I ended up really not liking it. After a couple hours it hurt my head and every time I would adjust it, it would make a terrible squeaking sound against my face. Kinda like rubbing on styrofoam. I returned it today and picked up the other headset I was eyeing, the HyperX Cloud Stinger and it's been much better for me. Much more comfortable on my head, and no squeaking haha. It's also significantly cheaper (g430 msrp is $80 and the stinger is $50), though I got the g430 price matched with Amazon which brought it down to $50.80, so I ended up pretty much just doing an even swap. Very glad I went back to trade them.


Also, I saw that bestbuy was having a 25% off 3 or more select accessories sale, which included the Razer Deathadder Chroma which was already on a steep sale for $35. So I got the mouse, an armband for my phone and a charging cable, two things I'd been needing for a while, all for like $45 when the deathadder is normally like 60ish. So I'm looking forward to when that arrives!


The only thing left that I really want is a better keyboard, and for that I'm hoping to go with a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid with brown switches. There's a guy locally who was selling a few on craigslist, so hopefully he replies and I'll be able to snag one for cheap! If I get that, I should be satiated with buying more PC accessories, at least for now haha.

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