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Favorite Fire Emblem?


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  1. 1. Title.

    • Shield of Seals (Archanea, Awakening)
    • Velthomer's family crest (Jugdral)
    • Jewel that allows Roy to remove the Binding Blade from its pedestal (Elibe)
    • Grado's Sacred Stone (Magvel)
    • Lehran's Medallion (Tellius)
    • Omega Yato (Fates)
    • Opera of Light (Tokyo Mirage Sessions)

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I want to say Grado's Sacred Stone just because I think it's hilarious that the titular Fire Emblem is destroyed in a flashback.


Ultimately, out of the games I've played, I think the Shield of Seals fits the title best.  I've never played the Tellius games, though, and from what I've seen of them, I feel like Lehran's Medallion would be the next solid contender.

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The Archanean shield would be my favorite for a few reasons. I like its design and its integration into the gameplay of allowing Marth to open chests, plus the whole idea about it being able to seal away dragons if all the orbs are in place is interesting. I also enjoy the fact that it's become a bit of an iconic image for the series similar to Falchion, and how it sort of plays an important role in FE Cipher too, where its orbs are essentially used to represent a player's vitality.

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Lehran's Medallion is a good one. I always liked the idea of it being a dangerous token, and the way characters had to sing to it to keep its power down. And then your understanding of what the medallion really is changes between the two games which is also a clever way of expanding the story and lore of Tellius without betraying the concepts established in PoR.

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