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Smash Saturdays

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I'll play tonight, though I might not stay on for the usual 2–3 hours; I'm already feeling kind of tired.


5 minutes ago, purple_beard said:

FWIW, this week's theme is winning.


Next week's them is Pokemon stages and fighters as its Pokemon Snap's release weekend.


Next week is the first Saturday of May though.

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Got a few wins and a lot of final twos @ 1 stock each.


I can't believe pac man nor my Bowser got no ws.


I may or may not be here at start time next week but that depends on the ticket pricing I can find for the event.


Also don't beg to join then hang out on edges doing taunts and other bs and not being in the fight then complain about getting booted--- this irks every regular we do have and is bad form regardless.


Sorry about the room setting mix ups, I didn't realize the first one wasn't public and while I knew about 6-8-? thing I thought the lowest 2 drop took care of the swapping out of players, not that I had to set that part up.

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Good games guys. I tried using characters I don't normally use but still had some solid matches.


And yeah can't believe that guy specifically requested to join and then just hung around the edge of the stage trying to get cheap kills. I've been having bad luck with random players in Monster Hunter Rise the past few days too—must be something in the air.

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The 5th Iron Man Smashdown has concluded and here are the results!


In first place with 11 points is @Eliwood8

Tied in 2nd place is @DLurkster and @TKrazyO with 5 points.

Last with zero points is @purple_beard


Congrats on Eli's win this month and thank you Krazy for streaming the event. The next Smashdown is a week before E3 (June 12th) on June 5th.


Thanks to all who participated tonight and good night, y'all!

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Good games guys. That was a particularly confusing first match with the random characters; we got a bunch of popular character picks but not on the players that normally use them. Highlight of the night has to be DL's Hero getting a Thwack kill in the first five seconds of the match though.

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I forgot about that Hero instant KO, that match with Hero was a blunder the last 2 stocks of the match. Wasn't that memorable for me because that.


That YL vs DDD I thought I was done for but I think my speed as was got me thru


GGs all around last night.

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The video will be up by Wednesday.


There were some good moments in these matches. Can't remember them all. Think there was another TNT related one. Surprised I lasted as long as I did on @Kezay's control setup. Same match with the Thwack K.O. that I was right next to.


I'll have to watch through some of the matches again. Maybe get a few clips for the next compilation.

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I should be good to go at 10 but I am covering a double header baseball game today so I will have two games worth of shots to go through and create a gallery for before I can officially join up in Smash tonight.


I'd like to still do the Pokemon theme for Snap.


Personally, I am going red colorations tonight for the Hurricanes winning the Central Division.

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I'll be there tonight but not next Saturday due to "Cooldown Saturday!" I'll also do the Pokémon theme for the first 30 minutes.


At 8 up until Smash starts I will be playing A Link to the Past if anyone would like to watch my adventure.

This will also be here if you want to watch us play Smash!

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