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Smash Saturdays

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The 4th Iron Man Shown Challenge have concluded!


Taking the top spot with 10 wins is @Eliwood8

Followed by @TKrazyO with 6 wins

Scoring a 3rd place win of 5 wins DLurkster

And last with 0 wins @purple_beard


Congrats to Eli for this months' Iron Man Challenger. The next challenges is on May 1st.



Heads up, I won't be playing in next week sessions. Taking a break to see if that will break a rhythm of not going at it week by week. Don't how long I'll do this or which Saturdays,(obviously won't do these on the 3rd Saturday of month)  just will see what this break this month will do and go from there.


Have next week guys!

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A heads up that I will not be playing next week (April 10th) or the week after (April 17th). The former since it's Wrestlemania week and it's two nights again. The latter is because of Cooldown Saturday.


Matches were cool for the most part. So many of them I went out too early. The video will be up in the next few days. Don't know if it'll be Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Good games everybody. I don't know if it was just because of the bunny hoods but it felt like a particularly chaotic night of matches, in a good way. Maybe it's also from coming off of the 1v1 matches last week that a 4-for-all felt action-packed.


PB, if both of these guys are out next week I'd be up for taking a break too. I should probably take the time to try to clear out some of my backlog.

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Oh wow what a coincidence that I would inevitable cause a domino effect for this weekend. I don't watch or follow wrestling so I had no idea that this was happening. 


A break is good once in a while, there's still next week and ofc Krazy won't be there next week. See ya in two weeks, Krazy.

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