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Smash Saturdays Returns!

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Night went pretty well. In the DKC 2 pre-game I only have 6 more levels to go with Kremkoin and DK Coins before going into The Lost World. Some good matches winning with Diddy (no items), the Steve win and other things until the lag came back near the end.



Here's the clip:

@TheBarkinHyena got it after it happened.


Remembered that old flash cartoon of MGS 3 Snake fighting a crab. Ended up watching it again, hilarious!

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Alas, I do not have Age of Calamity yet. I looked it up and it appears the PO bonus for this game at EBGames, the keychain didn't come with the shipments of games so they are holding off most PO's till they get them in sometime next week I heard on reddit about this. I was wondering why haven't got the game yet at least I'm not the only one but the wait was agonizing as it was before release and right now it is excruciating.


So gonna take out the aggression by still sticking to the Zelda theme but it will be all DL, all the time. Be prepare!


22 minutes ago, purple_beard said:

no, but PM it to me in case I get that weird situation again.

Yes, the discord link for the fourm is no longer in the top right hand corner. As I said before when you had you mic issues, PB. DL the software to launch like any program. Just google search it and DL it.

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I'm so sorry about that. Was too into DKC 2 to check the topic. Did 102% it though!



Think I was all over the place tonight. Did bad with Toon Link, picked up a bit with Young Link and got some good KOs with Link. Zelda was pretty good for a few matches. Sheik was eh once "what" joined. Ganondorf was mixed but I'm glad I got the final win with Toon Link. GGs!

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First, GGs.


2nd, I know YL and Ganon are my top 2 LoZ characters for Smash and it proved itself once again.  I was rocking TL in the last game but in this one, when basically all those moves came YL's way, TL became trash to me.  I'd say Sheik is a distant 3rd for me and while I can use TL, I'm mentally expecting him to play like the last game and it makes for not playing his current incarnation well.  I've just never gotten into regular Link aside from Smash 64 and I have never been able to get Zelda to be workable for me.


Ohh, and




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  • purple_beard changed the title to Smash Saturdays Returns!

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