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Smash Saturdays Returns!

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43 minutes ago, TKrazyO said:

Here's the Smash clip compilation:


Stream links



YouTube Stream Link:

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So it'll be suffering with Olimar/Alph for 15 minutes before heading into whatever the Halloween theme ends up being?


Heh, I am good with 15m for Olimar... I hate him too....but its a major release game theme so....

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Some of those clips we seen in a Tweet from Krazy earlier this month. I thought I was experiencing deja vu, at my cost again. For some reason because it was a while back it seemed funnier to watch now than then. It was too fresh to see such defeats tho hilarious.


As for Olimar...ugh. We can do that. As for the rest of Halloween theme and other characters, after Olimar gonna Miis that have my face in costumes. If that is not Halloween, don't know what is. Like there's Mii fighter where your face is not shown ppl can fight as those if they want but I wanna see the faces in the costumes. Playing the rest of the roster is sorta like Halloween so be anyone like except Olimar, lol.


Items, never thought to include that, I'll think of something as well for that.

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@DLurkster @TKrazyO @Eliwood8


Items set to on with FS meter.

Scythe, Black Hole, Food (only way I could get candy in), and Smoke Bomb on Medium.


We can cut Olimar down to 3 matches then done.  Or at least two if we hate it that much LOL.


I think it would be obnoxious to only play on Dracula's Castle but but no stage theme for tonight....different stages scare people different ways LOL.

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FS on, huh? I was thinking to turn them on but with the inclusion of some items and character selection, I thought that would be too much.


Well, Halloween only comes once a year so why not the FS, items sound fine, I'll see if I can add more to it that fit Halloween. As for the intensity, I have to say is even too much with FS, character selection themes and more than a few items. I suggest to be on low. I can always change any above later if need be.


Wow, PB, you sure are using your brain tonight with the theme. They say sweet especially candy stimulate the brain, must be eating a lot tonight, lol.

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Man, that was one HORRIFIC night for me in Smash.... I didn't feel good about any of my matches....  


I was getting sleepy and tired so maybe that got me somehow....  I won't go lag but I swear it felt like the game was running slower than normal and i kept getting caught being a frame behind what was happening to me.  Heck, as I am typing this I am still kind of drowsy....

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I have had those days and nights where you feel sleepy at just weird times. For the past week been feeling energized, last night I was a bit drowsy but not to a point where it was hard keep my eyes open, tho. So I know PB.


Also, like I said last night in the stream despite me losing a lot. For the longest time I had fun with just playing the Miis I hope that feel can last when I go back to playing other characters or Link.

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Took me way too long to come up with the bright idea of using the witch character for Halloween Smash night but oh well.


And we all have bad nights in Smash sometimes PB. We also played on a wide variety of stages, some of which had some rough hazards. I know I felt bad for picking Skyloft after two people fell off the stage almost immediately.

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Almost forgot to sound the alarm for this Saturday.


Iron Man Challenge#3 November 7th, 10pm edt.


So you know the drill: @Eliwood8, @purple_beard, @TKrazyO, @Surge135, @Marxforever, and @The Albraskan. Just say aye or nah if you can make it out for this Saturday.


Eli has won the last 2 Iron Man Challenges, who can break this streak? Also remember the first character we're all selecting will be random.


Good luck to all that come!

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2 hours ago, DLurkster said:

Almost forgot to sound the alarm for this Saturday.


Iron Man Challenge#3 November 7th, 10pm edt.


So you know the drill: @Eliwood8, @purple_beard, @TKrazyO, @Surge135, @Marxforever, and @The Albraskan. Just say aye or nah if you can make it out for this Saturday.


Eli has won the last 2 Iron Man Challenges, who can break this streak? Also remember the first character we're all selecting will be random.


Good luck to all that come!


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The night was pretty fun. Got up to the last area in DKC 2, got the All-Out Attack win with Joker and can only win with Diddy when items are on. Wish I did better with Steve when I used him. We have those nights PB. It'll be all good! I was getting a bit tired near the end and then Daylight Savings happened and it doesn't feel like it's this time.



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Stream Links:

Twitch (So close to affiliate status)







The board has been updated to include Steve. It should look less blurry when I bring it up on screen. I will also try to be ready by 10 since I'm near the end of the main game for DKC2 and will probably spend most of the time going for bonus rooms and DK coins afterwards.

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Iron Man Challenge#3 came and went and we have a winner.


Coming in first place 3 months in a row with 9 points is @Eliwood8

Following in 2nd place is @TKrazyO with 7 points

@DLurkster in 3rd place with 5 points

Not a first of last place but a first with no points is @purple_beard


I thank all who participated tonight and Krazy streaming as always.


The next Iron Man Challenge#4 is on December 5th. Till then see ya guys then!



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Ya know, I didn't feel I got screwed with character selection but some of the stages, coupled with lag, and the character I had would not have been my prefered setup to go for a W.    


As far as my random starter of Palutena, I play her enough to be decent but man, that stage and lag just had it in for me with how she plays/I use her.


What also killed me was I'd say around 4 of the matches I had the most kills by at least 2 but wasn't close to 1st.


Lastly, what was up with that lag?  I mean all of us have played together multiple times and I don't think we have ran into a period that has been that bad ever.  I mean in normal play with outsiders we might hit something like that but not in a friends room like that.


I personally think my Ridley and Bowser efforts were kind of sad...  like losing a BS stock to BS reasons then just not being able to get back in it after it was gone.


I thought my Mii gunner and swordfighters showed up pretty well considering how often I use them.


As for spamming with MK, well, LOL....  I was very into him in Brawl... and did more moves....  he was 3rd tier with me in 4.... in the Ultimate he's moved down the list of characters I like because I now like others more.  That move I can consistently perform.... so it was half remembering what he actually does and the other half was that move was working for me.  That move also fights through laggy matches good like ROB's roundhouse punches--I'm, less likely  to encounter bad frame timing and getting screwed on contact hits. 

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I don't know what was up with the lag, didn't seem like there was anything different on my end. Hopefully it was just a fluke. It was also jarring when the lag would suddenly stop and it felt like we were moving at 2x speed.


And no hate for the Meta Knight spam! It's just that when your attack is so predictable I'm gonna punish you for it. :P

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About the lag, I was thinking since my niece and nephew were here that them using Netflix or being on my wi-fi would cause it. Nephew had the stream up on his phone so I ended up going in the room a few times to either have them switch to their phone's data or turn down the quality for the stream. I also paused the streams going at the lowest quality on my end and nothing really changed so I'm not sure what was causing it.


As for the Challenge, I started off pretty well. Wanted to get most of my characters out the way to get some wins but the stages and lag didn't help on either side. I'd probably have to go through it again but my worst was probably Ryu. Was a bit surprised how long I lasted with Steve and Simon. Was also annoyed by Meta Knight but I do understand that you were trying to win. Now that I think about it, whoever I was using for that match was my worst. I disappointed with Fox y'all!


Yummy Yummy Yahoo!

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