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Smash Saturdays Returns!

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@DLurkster  @TKrazyO : What if I told you...


I went back and restored the default settings from the start.... you know the start that you said I had issues....



For the most part, I would say GGs with most of who I used.


Man, I was decent with Hero and Joker when they hit...but I can tell I am way out of practice with them to use them even marginally decent.


Glad to see my Incenroar and Bowser put some work in.  Ridley was doing ok but I couldn't close with him for some reason.  Not sure about some of the odd things I did in that match though...

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It was good that we got that problem fixed for the most part. Now it's just if the settings hold up the next time we're on it.


There were some good matches. Don't remember if I won any. That one match as Robin on the Castlevania stage was just bad. Wanted to use Diddy at some point but never got to. @Kezay had some good matches as well. The Great Cave Offensive!


@DLurkster @purple_beard


Should we discuss the types of players we don't like and maybe make some guidelines about that for people that join from my chat? Not something real strict though.


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The Iron Man Challenge#2


8 players arena that night only for friends so if anyone on Krazy's stream wants to hop in can either of us a FR to get in the arena, if there's room.


Will keep track of what characters are used but who wins each round. The one who wins the most rounds of the challenge gets to brag for the month that they won Ultimate Iron Man Challenge on Ninfora!


The next Iron Man Challenge will be on October 3th. We can all spread the word by mention here who wants to be part of the challenge and who available day of or week leading up to the challenge to give ppl notice.


ADDITION: From now on we start each of these nights with everyone selecting random characters. It's better and interesting this way to get the ball rolling with eliminating characters, obviously we can only do this once and why it is better to do this from the start.


@TKrazyO, @purple_beard, @The Albraskan, @Surge135, @Marxforever, and @Eliwood8.



Just say aye if you can make it for this Saturday. Thank you!

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I don't want to mention PB and Krazy again but I mentioned my stance and you guys reacted to in kind about incessant camping and disconnecting is automatic kick out of the arena and blocked by me. If they only do one of those offences then it is just a kick out. There may be exception to the one offence rule if they are aggressive with it, within those there's a 3 strike rule for either offence with degrees going up 3. So let's say someone is camping a lot but it is disruptive to 2 players 2 matches in rows, that is 2 strikes with 2nd degree assault. Obviously if they do not change these acts the next round they be just kicked out or both be kicked out and blocked, only if they get more aggressive and get to the 3rd degree. It is possible to have 2 strikes of 3rd degree assault, by that point after that match not even waiting for the 3rd match, they will be kicked out and blocked as well.


Does that system works and makes sense?

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I did have to read it a few times but I think I get it. I'm fine with that!



This will be the last time I post in here today. So when I was talking about the color settings last night, this is what I meant.



The left side is default and the right are the changed settings for my recordings. It's so the videos look better to the eye than what's on the left.


Since I use different settings in OBS when streaming, I have to use the default setting in my recording software so it doesn't mash with OBS's settings. If you check the stream video from the beginning up to a certain point, both color settings are active, making the colors too bright. That's why I went and fixed them (didn't know I could during the stream). That you can see later on in the stream video.


Just a visual aid to see what I was trying to explain.

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Ah, okay now looking at the image above and when you made the change in the stream last night I see the slight difference in brightness.


I would describe what you are calling overbrightness a bleeding of color or oversaturation hues of color that make it appears it is brighter than it actually is. I can also see how that oversaturation can be handy in like maybe really dark in design of lack of sight or even old games, if need be.


Like I said I almost didn't see a difference in the stream but thanks to the images I had a reference what differences I am seeing, thank for the reference.

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20 minutes ago, purple_beard said:

@DLurkster  @TKrazyO


So do we want to move 10/3 Amiibo Wave theme of Joker and Hero to Tuesday of this week or first 30 of Saturday?  Since its only two figures, I believe 30m is enough time in-theme.

Yeah, sure. It just makes more sense because of the event on Saturday.


I'm okay with more Joker amiibo and Hero amiibo this Tuesday. Also, I take that post as a I aye for Saturday right?

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I guess that is acceptable.


I was already gonna have Steve playable in Smashdown but the above makes sense to do so before Smashdown.


Also, I also almost forgot about this but the new DLC amiibo will be mine tomorrow. With that said, just like last time, I'll be having those amiibo play for me. The amiibo will be trained up for play on Saturday, that will be worthy of play.


Look forward to that!

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