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Smash Saturdays Returns!

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11 minutes ago, purple_beard said:

If we can consistently get 3-4 then it runs smoother.


I mean, you guys can tell I like to rotate through a good size group anyways.



Tho the arena on these nights will be set to friends only, it shouldn't be too much issue to gather few have come by here time to come to the arena. Like I said mention that person day of or week of night and that should get the word out of ppl here to fill up the arena. Either case with the streams Krazy does, if anyone asks we can make them join us if we feel short or whatever.

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GGs @DLurkster @Surge135 & @Eliwood8


Went well until Jorge popped in. He was a viewer and I didn't want to complain about him during the stream but the 3D World stage always being picked when I played for nearly an hour was the straw. Also didn't like people rushing to start matches.


Did get to beat Donkey Kong Country again after not playing it since 94. Just need to think of something for the viewers to watch when I'm not able to spectate.

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On 8/16/2020 at 12:35 PM, Kezay said:

I had fun checking things out and actually pulled out a win with my Dark Samus.  My Ken didn't go too well at all and my Pac Man near the end I screwed myself over on my last stock.  Still, fun times.

Yes, from what I recall your DS was one not to be trifled with. Should of knew it was you. Your Ken wasn't that bad but didn't know that was you. That Pac-Man left much to be desired, I don't recall you Pac-Man play but he's been in this game long enough so that match is probably not indicative of how play with him.

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