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Smash Saturdays: 10p

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This month Smash Challenge has concluded, here are the results!


Coming 1st place with 12 points is @Eliwood8

With 8 points is @TKrazyO in 2nd place

Coming in 3rd place is DLurkster with 2 points

And last but not least is @purple_beard with 0 points


Congrats to Eli for this month winner of the Smashdown Challenge. Thanks, Krazy for the stream.


The next and the last Smashdown for the year is the Team Smashdown on December 3rd. Seeing this is a Team Smashdown and the last one of the year and we never had a theme for these kinds; FS meter will be on.


Let us know in this thread if we need to post-pone or have someone fill in for that Saturday. I believe some posts back after PB said he would come to last night Smashdown, he may not make it for the next one.


Next week Saturday, won't be playing Smash as there's a Splatfest next weekend.

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1 hour ago, Eliwood8 said:

Are we not going to do another Team Smashdown for December? We could do it and put on Final Smash meters.

Ah, yes your right. It is Team Smashdown next month. 4 months have passed already from August, that I didn't realized and forgot, it almost seem like August was yesterday.


Seeing that Team Smashdown is new this year, adding FS meter should suffice enough for something different.

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