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Smash Saturdays: 10p

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I probably won't be on tonight either. I'm having strange internet connection issues. After a 2-second blackout, my Switch and 3DS cannot connect to my internet anymore, but my phone and PC can. What's strange is I cannot connect using my apps (Telegram, Discord, etc.), but I'm able to access my browser and certain websites. YouTube, Google, and Ninfora seem to work just fine. I've reset the router and restarted my PC, but it didn't help. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for now, but I'll figure something out later!


Good luck with tonight!

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@TKrazyO: For the splatfest this weekend, you gonna be playing in it at 10pm this Saturday? I assume like the last one you will be playing in this one before 10pm, I might hop on VC and watch your stream of the Splatfest before Smash at 10pm. On one condition, you cannot lose a match in turf wars. You won as a Inkling in the last Smashdown, it is your honor to uphold that W in this Splatfest. Don't you dare lose when I watch your stream, to make sure of that use your best weapon to ensure those W's.;)

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I'll post this now since I already let DL know last Saturday.


I will be here for the Smashdown this Saturday. For the rest of the month I won't be on for Smash. The 8th is a WWE PPV/PLE. The rest of the month I'm going to focus on playing a different game for a future playthrough on my channel. I won't be able to beat the game within that time since it's a JRPG but I want to put some time into it since I've put off playing it for over a year.


@DLurkster Had a suggestion for the Failure to Launch nights. Since the matches tend to go on for the entire time limit have you thought of lowering the stocks to 2?


Also, no Smash video this week.

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