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Smash Saturdays: 10p

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Yeah, ggs everyone.


Corrin and Pac Man did well for me, thought inceneroar did as well.  My ROB just wasn't there.  I was loving my Ridley taking out that Sora guy so much lol.  Inkling....one of those fighters I can't grasp well.  


@Ithrak Utopia

On themes.  Sometimes an idea might not pop up till late in the week .   The splatoon one was kind of last minute and with only one character for it, going past 1st 30m would be too much.


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1 hour ago, purple_beard said:

Obviously it would be participant dependent but us having a few more regulars of late... 2 rooms of 4 going at the same time?

Outside of Smashdown, I don't see an issue with this.


Other than Smashdown, if we have more than 4 players anyone is welcome to set up another arena. On these other night, anything goes for a theme, characters, items, stock, time, stamina, and coins for rules. So have it if anyone want to make another arena and we have 4 players for one arena already.


Just remember every first Saturday is reserved for Smashdown so only one area for ppl will be open for friends.


EDIT: Oh, just so anyone wants to VC on Discord, it is best to be on different VC channels for Ninfora. It doesn't matter who first or not but use ssb & og VC channels to chat. It doesn't make sense for all of us to use the same channel and have 2 arenas. Yeah, not a lot of talking happens when fighting much but it is better to separate for clarity to heard at any given time.


On the subject of Saturday events; hows the OP information for Smashdown and failure to launch times of month going, PB?

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20 minutes ago, purple_beard said:


Updating OP priority is low, not a slant at the idea, more of a "I got things going on"  kind of slant to my timeliness with household matters I have going on.


Maybe tonight or tomorrow.


Actually, as far as Smashdown and Failure to Launch those are the _ Saturdays of the month "officially"?  (lol.... as we keep delaying and moving stuff)

Okay, just making sure and I had a feeling it wasn't big priority if not done yet.


Don't quite get your 2nd question but I will answer, Smashdowns normally first Saturday of month pending 4 players and failure to Launch is Last Saturday always as that is not player dependent.


For someone at least from my perspective where I think details are not that important, you sure are making this more complicated then it should. All your doing again is, just putting down that Smashdowns are the first Saturdays of the month and Failure to Launch is the last Saturday of the month. That's all you have to say, no player dependent, postpone or even the rules of either event. Just want new and old players to have a place to view when these event occur. It is again optional to state the rules of each event on those Saturdays.


All the postpone and players as you mentioned and agree and have been doing can be done as post here, no need to put all that details that will change often in a OP.


Leave the detailed matters to me, I try my best to sort out what is what in my mind. Afterall, it goes hand and hand in how verbose I can be.

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3 hours ago, TKrazyO said:

@DLurkster You could detail what you'd like in the OP, PM it to PB then he can make some copy pasta and leave it on the OP windowsill. Leave a disclaimer for the Smashdown portion for delays 

Not a issue to do and I was no rush. I was just making sure PB haven't forgot to do it eventually.


Despite not being a priority, I think we know PB that does what he wants and doesn't take instructions from anyone either. So I make sure to suggest so he can make his own decisions and that he's in control to make and say decision of a suggestion.


When I have time I'll PM PB with the OP details. No rush when does it, as long as he has and it will be done...eventually to him.

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Scratch the PM to PB.


I see an hour after my reminder post he put down the details for Smashdown and Failure to launch and when. Along with saying post in thread about availability or postpone.


I am being honest here, what he has there is good enough. No need for the PM to PB.


Thanks PB.:D

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This month Smashdown Challenge has concluded, here are the results!


Coming in first place with 10 points is @Eliwood8

Tied for second place is DLurkster and @TKrazyO with 6 points

Bring up the rear with 0 points is @purple_beard


Unofficially because I didn't change character from one match to another, PB won a match unbeknownst what was going all with all the SDs on Shadow Moses Island to get out of that match and not count towards any matches tonight.


Congrats to Eli for this month Smashdown challenge winner an thank you Krazy for the stream as always.


The next Smashdown is on October 1st pending and postpone. Post in thread near the event to let us know if we have postpone for that Saturday.

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Like, was there even a reason to put that spoiler there?  Match didn't count... no need to mention it at all in the first place...


Comes off as low-key shade. I'm already kind of disheartened I can't seem to get a decent win count in these marches already but I'm trying keep balance with knowing that I'm playing close to 2 hours after I normally go to bed for how early I go into work on a daily basis and even pick up an extra day on Saturday when offerd. And now with football coverage entering the picture that's another 6-7 hour thing I do on Saturday too.  Most Saturday's past 11/11:30 I'm exhausted mentally and physically--which affects my overall concentration on playing.

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