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Smash Saturdays: 10p

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Would it be possible to do a friends-only Smash Saturday this weekend? I've got a new internet service provider and I'd like to see how smooth it is before the next Smashdown, and it'd be easier without random player wildcards.

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@Eliwood8: Didn't see this post last night, sorry.


Yeah, sure I don't mind making this Sat friends only.


Also, here something that might be useful to you. Last week when it was just me, PB and randoms players. I think we had to ppl DQ'd from the match but one of them as I discovered and a few seconds later was PB! We all know, when we are in the middle of a match, the match freezes and it goes to no contest, someone DQ'd. The 2nd time it happened that night it was PB.


With that said, I am starting to wonder if half of those DQ'd are not intentional as PB obviously didn't quit the game for the match to DQ. I just thought to bring that to your attention. Not sure how much that will make a difference this sat with Friends, yes we experience lag but never a DQ.

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I get that can happen in Ultimate, I guess never thought and now know for sure it can happen to us regulars. So we're not immune to possible DQ. Tho, if that's really the case, i who normally makes these arenas can be DQ and from what I can recall, I don't that has happen without my notice unless my router decides not to work, which I recall those in Smash rarely and what some and my router does, lol. I don't know how one can be mindful what could be random but I remember what I witnessed last week as a possibility of happening in the future to us, in general.


That said, this Sat is Failure to Launch, I think last month was pt.5 (I'm sure Krazy knows by recordings and titles of those nights) but I've be meaning to drop the numbers, like most movies, sequel the number is not that important but how franchise or the event is recognizable so. It's failure to launch going forward, always the last Saturday of month should make it easy to remember like Smashdown first Saturday of month.


In the case of next months' Smashdown is delayed a week after because Krazy will be watching Wrestlermania that Saturday night, reminder there.

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I am actually gonna take break from playing Smash next week for no reason to just do so.


So I'll see all you guys in 2 weeks here for the first every team-up Smashdown. I hope none of you forgot next month is the premier of that?


I'll repost how it will go I did a few weeks ago few days before the event or day of.


GGs tonight guys!

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Good games guys, always fun to see the damage percentage get up to 300% or 400%.


I think my new wifi will work okay. I did get DC'd that one time but like you said sometimes it just happens. Pretty sure I've had it randomly happen a few times on my old connection too. I guess we'll just have to see if it happens every week I play.


Looking forward to the first team-up Smashdown!

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So who plans to play next Saturday?




I thought it was hilarious that on a few occasions it was KD3 and MK for 3 of us.   My Kirby sucked bad LOL....  my KD3 was passable and I felt good about MK play...but I haven't gotten fully back into him since Brawl.


My other characters were ok....

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3 hours ago, purple_beard said:

So who plans to play next Saturday?




I thought it was hilarious that on a few occasions it was KD3 and MK for 3 of us.   My Kirby sucked bad LOL....  my KD3 was passable and I felt good about MK play...but I haven't gotten fully back into him since Brawl.


My other characters were ok....


If Krazy and DL are both out I think I'll skip next Saturday as well.

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On 3/7/2022 at 8:35 PM, DLurkster said:

@TKrazyO: A team setting, huh? I recall you bring that up a few times and PB would 2nd that with but not as much as you. I'm for it, I believe I mentioned if anyone cares if I should have team attack on/off? You'll be surprised how much that can make different with certain character partner match ups. Obviously we can't do this every night as 3 out of 4 night we'll be facing random ppl, also Eli mostly appears on the Smashdown nights. (blue moon moments if he shows up not on those nights)


Here's the deal, I was thinking while writing this post to team Smashdown every other month but you know what let's make these night very special. Why don't we do them every 4 months. Yes, you know where I am going with this, next month Smashdown will be a team one! (pending the date) At random draw, team will be made to make sure teams make ups will be mostly different we play on these months. So how does that sound? Obviously if, one of team partner gets wins for your team, it's points overall for your team. It should be interesting to see the breakdown of points with each player on a team in total or it looks like one person is doing all the work, lol.

@TKrazyO, @Eliwood8, and @purple_beard


Here's a breakdown of the above for the Team Smashdown step up this Saturday:


  • Team attack is off
  • Team names will be based on random draw of first and third name picks
  • The second and forth names will partner with first and third names, respectively
  • Any person under the team name that wins a match gets a point for the team overall
  • Lastly, the characters most likely won't be color based to distinguish team color, your character will be highlighted in random team color

I forgot to mention that in the post above, I recall that's how it's done in local play and 2 local online play. Not sure how that would work with all of us and if color highlight will show and be different. A team setting is there in arena, when creating one. I tested but again I won't know till you guys select you select your characters or when the battle begins who is highlighted with what color. So tho I want to make this work, it will be initial trial sort to speaks.

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Well the first ever Smashdown Ironman Team-up Challenge has concluded for this month. Twas truly fun night for all, here are the results.


Chosen at random first was @Eliwood8 followed by @purple_beard as his partner to make Team Eli, they earned 11 points tonight.


Next up chosen at random for the 3 pick was @TKrazyO and 4th pick was DLurkster as his partner to make Team Krazy, they earned 11 points too tonight!


The very first Team up Smashdown ever ended in tie that will be remembered for a long time and not soon forgotten.


What a great and successful run of this iteration of Smashdown. As always thank you for the stream, Krazy.


As for when we'll being doing these kind of Smashdowns, is every 4 months of the year so the next one is August 6th, 2022 (pending we have 4 players or prior engagements)


Next month Smashdown will be on May 7th, 2022. (pending we have 4 players or prior engagements)


I thank all who participated in this Smashdown, we all won tonight guys, GGs and until next time!


Lates. (Haven't said that in years)


15 minutes ago, TheBarkinHyena said:

The Smashdown was epic! You guys need to do that again! Yeah!

Tho, I host the arena most of time, if PB and Krazy didn't mentioned this back a few times. This probably wouldn't of happened but new ideas are brought up now and then. I didn't much but just make team was selected for the arena and tho my setup may have confused some at first it worked out and I believe will be easy to follow going forward.

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7 hours ago, Eliwood8 said:

Good games guys. Feels kind of appropriate that the first Team Smashdown ended in a flat tie, feels like it was ultimately pretty balanced.

Agreed, with both pairings having "long" winning streaks with some dominant wins and some narrow wins.


I actually tallied a lot of kills in a lot of the matches...

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