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Smash Saturdays: 10p

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Here is my post I made today showing and discussing the vents, dock mods, and size.  Seriously though, as far as the size goes for Krazy's questions, the difference was SO SLIGHT that the perspective of me shooting the systems on top of each other you couldn't tell as they looked the same so in the shot I posted I used the dock edge to line them up to one side and then put the dock on the other side to show there is a difference as you can see the dock is hitting the SWOLED JC  but just barely.

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Played first hour in tabletop mode.  Stand and screen are much better equipped for that mode.


I had such a long week that after about 11:30 it started catching up with me.


Disappointed in my min min play. Terry did well.  Would have liked bowser, Ridley, and corrin to have come out better.  I thought Kazuya went ok,considering  I haven't played him in a long while-- I did want to get back into him.





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