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Smash Saturdays: 10p

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Hats and Caps theme confirmed!


So  that means







Toon Link

Diddy Kong

Jiggly Puff ALTS with hat/cap

Pikachu ALTS with hat/cap

*King D3 ?  I'd say that is a toboggan and not a cap/hat

*Sheik ?  Borderline as its more a wrap/skull cap than a true hat/cap


Crowns, tiaras, bananas, head bands, helmets are not hats/caps so any of those don't count.

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Kirby is just different colors as far as I know. I just thought he might be allowed anyway because his Copy ability gives him the hat of whatever character he copies (except Jiggly, Pika and Miis, though the Pikachu look is basically a hat). And his character essentially revolves around using 'hat' powers.


I'd say Sheik doesn't belong. I thought Dedede's toboggan was close enough to a hat to work, but I'm fine with or without him, since it's not a normal hat.

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1 minute ago, Laclipsey said:

Does it start at 10 PM Eastern Time? I'm on Pacific, and I'm gonna be busy then, but I would like to join if I can. 



If we get a lot of good matches going we've been known to play till 1-2am EST lol...but yeah.... starting on time is defined as 10pm EST.  it is usually set up as a friend room but it could depend on how many participants show up.





Also,  how would anyone feel about maybe breaking some 3DS matches tonight?  Same theme of course.

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8 minutes ago, Katsie said:

Sorry I couldn't chat in Discord, it's not available for me currently. Those were some good games! I need to go to Best Buy for my Lucina amiibo now, but you might see me reappear if you guys are still playing when I return. If not, have a good one.



Watch it, they might have pulled a Ness for you instead like they did for my Gold Mario.

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