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Smash Saturdays: 10p

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2 hours ago, TKrazyO said:

You got the most KOs as Jigglypuff. I just got lazy with DLs representation.


I can change it if you want me to.

You say that about my representation when you know and all know DL is my ride or die. So no complaints here. (I don't if the, 'DL' was referring myself in the 3rd person or DL the character, confusing, huh?)


Tho, I say that. I don't hate any of the characters in Ultimate, there just some that don't mesh with my gamestyle of play more than others so it is more I do like and don't like as much so if there's a accidental character that is put up for me in a thumbnail. I won't make big deal even if is Fox or Olimar for example.

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GGs last night.  But, for whatever reason, I was struggling to stay awake past midnight.  Which is odd, considering I slept in Saturday and arguably chilled the entire day.


I'll update my status for the first weekend in September by the end of the week.  A lot of things are in play as for me deciding to make a trip or not.  I have to make it make financial sense for me to go.

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For the thumbnail I mainly went off the characters we used that got the most KOs for us in general. It just happened to be a coincidence, except DL. It was the first time putting character representation in a Smashdown thumbnail.


Usually with the regular nights I go by either the most used characters or whatever the theme might be that night.


@DLurkster I won't be playing on September 2nd due to another WWE Event that night.

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31 minutes ago, Elemental Hero said:

oh my god i played for almost two hours last night


my brain was fried before and now it's just gone

I know you mentioned you can't play Smash for long cause how your mind works when you play (Real Concentration and all...)


I'm starting to wonder if you see a bunch of 0's and 1's when you play. Do you see the matrix of possibilities for yourself and your opponents when you fight. It's no wonder you brain gets fried after awhile.


My hope that the more you play with us, that turns off because man that sounds exhausting. Either way to each their own how they play Smash, as long as you are having fun, that's what matters. Just don't burn out before you do have fun or after certain amount time playing before you have to call it quits on yourself.


I never heard of anyone who experience Smash like you do and I don't know if the pros feel this way and sees Smash like if they do, their endurance is much higher. Fascinating!

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Basically yes. I'm constantly envisioning where the opponent can get to by the time my attack comes out, how much of a buffer I can get before the opponent would be able to connect a strong move, etc. That's always been the way to play Smash at a high level, but it's especially important in Ultimate because movements and attacks are literally too fast for a human to react to. So you have to instead to react to the multiple possibilities (AKA prediction), and of course every time someone makes a move, the possible options change in response to it.


In that sense, Smash Bros actually plays out much like a card game. That's probably why I've always liked Smash despite never caring for any other fighting game.


I do play competitive Yugioh--and complex combo decks. I literally workshop 40-step turns, and execute those combos ten hours into a championship event in a loud and chaotic event hall against opponents reacting to those moves with their own obnoxious complex cards I'm often learning on the fly... as my body is breaking because I've been so tense all day.


It's way too much for most people, but I've gotten used to it. The downside is that a lifetime of this stuff turned my brain into a dopamine junkie--I can't turn it off, and if I get headaches if I don't have a task to work through. If I can sit around and use my imagination, that's fine. But if I'm trying to empty my mind and relax on a beach, that's a bad time.


But mostly I've been playing waaaaaaay too much Fenyx Rising this past week and I play Switch on a very uncomfortable bed so ouch.

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@Elemental Hero: I understand more now and you are not wrong to the fundamental of Smash and especially you mentioned about Ultimate metagame and I am aware of.


I thought I was analytical about this game and tactical but what you think, takes that to another another level that has been ingrain in you for a while. I can see even when you with us in matches, that would be difficult to turn off.


I would say try fighting with your instincts but as you said you think within thinking so that's gonna be tough even with how the meta of this game works. But I think you have a chance to turn it off for time because of your experience with Smash over the years. In time you can make all that you think come to you by instincts so you don't have to think so much.


Just a thought can't say it will work in time or at all but it could be worth a shot to fight by instincts you have thru your experience that has ingrain in you over the years with Smash.

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Engaging deeply is what makes Smash fun for me! The animations and sounds are so satisfying when I correctly predict a move and the combos line up. Overthinking the gameplay doesn't give me a headache.


The problem is getting competitive about the match results, which for me is totally independent from intellectual engagement. You have to believe that you're responsible for your losses to grow as a player, but the reality is that Ultimate is too often a game of luck. I'm too hard on myself to really interalize that in the moment, feeling like I'm always going to lose no matter how hard I try. Why yes it does come from a place of dissatisfaction with the rest of my life! Dumping all forms of competitive gaming from my life has greatly improved my mental health.

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