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Watchpoint: Gibraltar - N4A Chat Thread - August 2017


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1 hour ago, Snowy said:

hey homos I got my own house to rent with some friends


Sarah I'm still gonna eat your AC cart

i'd like to see you try you nerdy fuck


congrats on the house tho that's fuckin awesome please keep the kitchen clean


one of my best friends lived in a house with like 5 other dudes (a massive house, v nice) and they fuckin trashed it because college boys are stupid

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Today is gunna be convention day. 


 Going to be wearing this hilarious tshirt with this hat:








 Holy fucking shit the voiceactors of Symetra and Roadhog and that budhist robot guy that I accidentally forget his game is gonna be at this convention.




 *Looks more into it*


 Even Jake the Dog's voice-actor is going to be there.asdfas;dkfaod]dgof[

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So I traded in my WiiU copy of BOTW (switch version is better) and a broken Xbox one controller and got a new one. 


I used this new, non-broken controller to play some Xbox games and I remembered I downloaded Phantom Dust. Its... interesting. 

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