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1 hour ago, IU said:

When is it okay to make a double post if I'm the last post in a topic that's still fairly new? 

Double posts are okay, even I make them sometimes in the chat thread. Though you can quote multiple people at once, sometimes its easier to just post twice instead, especially if what you're saying isn't really related to the post you made previously.


Just try not to go overboard with it! In my opinion, common courtesy would be to avoid making more than 2 posts in a row, but that's just me. flower; 

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11 hours ago, Tyranogre said:

For some reason trying to click the "quote" button in the chat thread moves me to the top of the screen.


It seems to work just fine in other threads, though.


EDIT: Now I can't even reply to that thread, either.

same here. my browser hangs on "sig.grumpybumpers.com" which prevents the rest of the page from loading
and from the description of the site on a search, i think it's your rotating signature thing. i tested and i can post on any page you haven't posted on yet lol
i had to turn off sigs to post this

Edited by Pichi
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30 minutes ago, Pichi said:

been having unusual periods of severe slowdown yesterday and today

I'll take a look this evening to see if anything unusual may be happening. I haven't seen any strange behaviour on my end, but if it's related to something like routing it could be trickier to diagnose.


Has anyone else experienced sluggish performance at all?

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