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This isn't related to your recent update since it's been happening for a long time, but your bumping this thread made me think of mentioning it:


On the light theme sometimes blocks of text are shown as black background/grey text as if it was on the dark theme. I think it happens when people copy/paste the text in their own post, like something in the visual settings is retained and it'll show up the same regardless of light or dark theme? Here's an example from a recent post in the chat thread:




For context I'm seeing this in both Firefox and Chrome on a Mac. Obviously not a super important bug/quirk but I can't remember if it's been mentioned here before.

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@Eliwood8 I looked into that issue, and unfortunately there isn't likely too much that I can do. Basically, when someone copies/pastes their text like that, it's being treated as formatted text by the browser. The way to bypass it is for people to use "Ctrl+Shift+V" when pasting from the clipboard since that pastes text without additional formatting.


There may be some sort of workaround that could be applied, though. But unfortunately it isn't quite as straightforward as I'd have hoped. I'll let you know if I figure anything out if I get a chance to have more of a think on it. :)

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I'll soon enough be getting my hands on a Dell PowerEdge R720 that will come equipped with 16 cores, 32 threads, and 64 GB RAM. I would very much like to move Ninfora to this hardware and host in-home off of my gigabit fibre connection.

Further details to come within the next month or two. I plan to set up a "beta" site first and foremost to ensure that performance remains solid with the latency to New Zealand. Ideally the absurdly overspecced hardware and CDN configuration will be enough to mitigate the additional latency.

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Okkkkay this is strange. I posted this video over in the Tetris thread originally and it shows up very compressed. I'm using the dark theme, via Google Chrome.




Ok now it shows up normal.


Time for a screenshot.



Here ya go:




I'm wondering if the Twitter link is affecting how it displays in some way, as it loads normally by itself.

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On 2/7/2019 at 6:29 PM, Kodiack said:

 in-home off of my gigabit fibre connection.


I'm not angry. I'm just sitting here annoyed at having to work around Comcast and their garbage.


Next you're going to tell me they also just give you a static IP address and don't block any major ports such as 25...

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