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--Not bad, but not great.... would have been a excellent Halloween movie IMO.  Not familiar at all with his character but a decent origin story of sorts... I must have missed how Milo became a vampire too.  If you go watch it, stay through the 2 post credits teasers... no end credits one.

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Moon Knight /D+

--Through two episodes its not bad but I think they should have done a 2 episode drop release week as a lot of questions got answered in episode 2 to set up the show's deal.  The first episode didn't give me enough.


Sonic 2/theater

--Way better than the first one.  Interesting teaser included.  I really liked Knuckles and Tails additions and Jim Carey was fantastic as Robotnik again.

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I saw Sonic 2 tonight and it was WAY better than the first! I loved how the plot felt like the plot to a Sonic game and all the little Sonic/SEGA easter eggs. I also really liked having the actual voice actress who does the voice of Tails in the games voicing Tails in the movie and how near the end it goes full "Sonic Heroes"


BTW, can I mention how awesome the main credits screens are for both movies? Speaking of the credits, I'm not surprised how they went with the post credits scene in Sonic 2. With this movie being so good, especially the voices, it really makes me hope the Mario movie is good. Though, after the ENG voice cast reveal, I don't have much hope. :( 

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