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5 hours ago, EH_STEVE said:

Sonic was incredibly enjoyable.


Also, more Pokemon movies please.

Yea it was. Only bit that I was disappointed in was Robotnik. But other than that it was good.


Word. Loved Detective Pikachu. Finally picked up a copy recently. Hoping that the sequel is as Easter Egg filled and is as filled of humor and heart as the first one was.

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45 minutes ago, Link, the Hero of Dreams said:

Great, as much as I love the song, it would be extremely inappropriate for me to play the title theme by the Wings. 


And if I remember, it's really awkward that the beginning starts with a fake New Orleans-like funeral procession to assassinate someone. Does anyone remember how odd that was?! 


I assume you are talking about Live and Let Die via Yaphet Kotto.....  theme song was by Paul McCartney though....


Now as the New Orleans funeral....like that was so crazy because they do actually do that in New Orleans but to take a guy out in the street and take him off the block in the casket they were carrying was next level.  Heck, they almost pulled it off twice.  My only real beef with the movie was his makeup for being Mr. Big.  Like it looked off and wouldn't fool anyone.  But it was interesting to have Bond in a Blaxploitation level movie though.  It was also interesting about the CIA and the whole black white thing going on....

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