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I saw The Muppets: Most Wanted kinda recently. It's definitely a better movie than the one before it. Funny moments and catchy songs all around. :)


Man, i really miss these smilies. The mainstream media should replace their emojis with these suckers. They have way more charm and personality compared to their Gen Z counterparts. 

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Yes! Hopefully this pans out. Also Wonder Woman 3 pretty much confirmed I guess, tying in to the present time. Likely would've known about this sooner and saw some leadup to it had we gotten to see WW 1984 during its original release time if not for COVID, but good to know still there is that to also look forward to in the meantime.

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Posted (edited)

An Inconvenient Sequel - Truth to Power - 7/10


A pretty good documentary about Al Gore continuing to fight for the environment.

Sonic the Hedgehog  - 6/10


Liked Sonic and his humor, was disappointed in Dr. Robotnik and his humor. Cringed at a lot of it.


Loved seeing Tails.

Superman - Red Son - 7/10


Liked this ok enough. Pretty good story and take on Superman's life if he lived over in the Soviet Union.


1917 - 9/10


Good war movie. Shows kind of what soldiers might have gone though during the first World War. Almost teared up at the end.


Contagion -  8/10


Very good movie about how a virus spreads. Really frightening and relevant these days.

Onward - 8/10; but in terms of overall, including life lessons, 10/10.


It's a solid cartoon that teaches the main character to believe in himself and grow and for his older brother to do the same as well, in his own way.


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